Above Ground Pool Removal

Above Ground Pool Removal – Guide

if your above ground pool is no longer usable, it may be time to look at how to get rid of above ground pool from your backyard. Above Ground Pool removal can be done to expand yard space, enhance kids’ safety, or make room for a new pool.

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Above Ground Pool Removal

You might want to remove or replace the old pool for many reasons, from expenses to safety. Another key advantage is that your property’s real estate value may increase if the old broken down pool is removed.

How Hard Is It To Remove An Above Ground Pool?

To get the job done smoothly, we recommend engaging a professional to support. Removing an old above ground pool will require multiple steps including draining and hauling away the old pool.

Above Ground Pool removal is a lot more complex than just loading the old pool on a truck. Pool will need to be broken down into smaller pieces for removal.

Above Ground Pool Removal - Guide

Cost of Removing Above Ground Pool

The cost factor is directly proportional to the number of materials that need to be removed from the pool.   Larger pools will incur higher costs to remove.

Different pools like hard-sided, frame, and ring pools require different techniques for the above ground pool removal. 

On average, Homeguide estimates that cost to remove above ground swimming pool to be around $300 – 800 which may differ based on your requirements and the location of pool.

How to Find the Right Pool Removal Company?

To find companies that remove above ground pools, would recommend googling to see if any companies in your local area, or ask your local pool shop if any recommendations.

Take pictures of your old pool, and send to potential pool removal companies to get a more accurate quote.

We have included some links below for some companies that advertise pool removal services on their websites.

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Companies That Remove Pools

  1. Mackland LLC – Colorado / Illinois / Wisconsin (USA)
  2. Michigan Pool Removal – Detroit (USA)
  3. Junk Proz Removal – Chicago (USA)
  4. Junk Relief – Chicago (USA)
  5. Eco Demolition – Ontario (Canada)
  6. GTA Pool Demo – Ontario (Canada)
  7. Remove A Pool – Maryland, Virginia, Florida (USA)
  8. Pools Removed – Maryland, Virginia (USA)


The pool removal process is simple if it is done with the support of a genuine contractor.  Just empty the pool and hand it to the professional.

If you fail to choose the right contractor, you may face multiple complexities.  Hence, never try to deal with or remove the pool without support, as it is a tedious and risky process.

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