When To Clean Pool Skimmer Basket?

Pool Skimmer Basket

The word “skimmer basket” is almost familiar to experienced pool owners. But what really is a skimmer basket, and how often should you clean a pool skimmer basket. Skimmer baskets remove large objects and strain the larger contaminants from entering the pump and filter.  What is a Pool Skimmer Basket? … Read more

How To Put On A Swim Cap

How to Put On Swim Cap

Long hair, short hair, no hair – what could all of these people have in common? swimming caps. That’s right. In addition to being a common denominator for swimmers, there is also the dilemma of how to wear a swim cap properly and comfortably! Follow on to learn the best technique … Read more

Best Underwater Pool Patch Kit

Best Pool Patch Kit

Chances are you are reading this because you noticed a leak, or the water seems to be dropping faster than normal. A pool patch may be what you need to get water levels back to normal. Repairing a pool may seem to be quite a hectic affair but with the … Read more

Best Five Robotic Pool Cleaner : 2022 Review

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning a pool all by yourself is very tiring and exhausting! It takes away every ounce of energy in your body! But, if you are planning to clean your pool anytime soon, read this article, and get yourself a robotic pool cleaner. These upgraded robotic pool cleaners can clean the … Read more

How to Deal with Cloudy Pool Water

using water filter to clean cloudy pool water

Cloudy pool water can be frustrating and cleaning it up can be a pain – especially when it happens out of nowhere. There are several reasons why your pool water might turn cloudy. This article will cover the possible causes of cloudy pool water and offer a few maintenance tips … Read more

Best Bubble Wrap Pool Cover For You (Buyer’s Guide)

pool installed with the best bubble wrap pool cover

Bubble wrap covers are a useful tool for savvy pool owners. While not essential, it does have several benefits. A bubble wrap cover is a low tech way to: reduce the amount of dirt in your pool, retain the heat of the pool, and prevent the evaporation of chemicals you … Read more

Above Ground Pool – Top 5 Picks For Summer

Above Ground Pool

As you are getting ready to have great summer fun, using a good quality and durable above ground pool can be an excellent way for you. Using these pools, you can create that instant vacation feel. These pools allow you to splash, lounge, and laugh to your heart’s delight. Besides, … Read more

Best Polaris Pool Cleaners (2022)- Review

Best Polaris Pool Cleaners

Do you know- which is the best robotic pool cleaner brand? I’m sure you heard about- Polaris. It’s a subsidiary of Zodiac Pool System LLC, a well-known pool cleaning product manufacturer in the USA. Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaners has got lots of reputation and good feedback from the customers. I’m … Read more

10 Pool Lighting Ideas

Pool Lighting Ideas

Sometimes the pool is just so enjoyable that you really don’t want the good vibes to end. The benefits of having a place to swim are endless, so why should the fun stop when the sun goes down? In short, it shouldn’t.  The best way to continue to use the pool … Read more

How to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool

How to keep frogs out of your pool

Want to keep frogs out of your pool. Frogs in pools are surprisingly common. Pool owners all over deal with frogs in pools every season. It appears that, for frogs, they find something really tempting about a sparkling clear water body that’s relaxing, threat-free and full of food (bugs and … Read more