Best Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pool (2022)- Reviews & Top Pick

One of the best things to do on a scorching summer day is taking a dip in the water and splash around. Check out our reviews, and top picks for best above ground pool. Reviews are based on Amazon reviews from Amazon customers.

Best Above Ground Pool in 2022

Before making any purchase decision, make sure that you are spending your money on the best above ground pool. To help you with that I’ve written this guide. Read till the end to choose the best pool for yourself.

1. Bestway Power Steel Rectangular Above Ground Pool

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03/22/2023 07:32 pm GMT

Turn your boring weekends into a day well spent with the 24 feet pool set from Bestway. This pool is big and can accommodate your family and a couple of guests at the same time. You need not worry about factors like hygiene with this pool as it is equipped with a ChemConnect chemical dispenser which makes sure that water is purified continuously.

Bestway Power Steel Rectangular Above Ground Pool

Also, the pool has other top features like a safety ladder, filter pump, and a pool cover. With features like filter pump and pool cover, you not just end up saving money on buying them separately but also extend the life span of your best above ground pool. For a fun-loving family, this above ground pool is worth buying.


  • This pool is made from best materials that improve the life-span of the whole pool set.
  • Strong and sturdy to avoid bending, punctures, and other wear and tear.
  • Very easy to assemble and start having fun.
  • Features a pin-clip design which ensures the strength of the joints.
  • The ChemConnect chemical dispenser keeps the water pure and also prevents the traditional chemical cleaner from occupying pool space.


  • The ladder is not that great. It’s recommended to get a good quality above ground pool ladder separately.

2. Intex 26333EH Ultra XTR Above Ground Pool

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03/23/2023 01:19 am GMT

The next best above ground pool is from the top brand Intex and this is the Ultra XTR series. One os the best reasons for us to suggest you buy this pool is the pipes are encapsulate coated on both the inner and outer surfaces. This prevents them from getting rusted and thus it allows you to forget about the maintenance part.

You can simply use the pool for entertainment, for which you bought it in the first place. Also, the pool comes with features like a removable ladder, a sand filter (one of the best filters), and a cover for the pool. Getting all these things along with the pool saves a lot of time and effort in shopping them separately.


  • The ladder is removable and can save a lot of swimming space when removed.
  • It uses a sand filter which is the most convenient to use and maintain.
  • The pool comes with a pool cover to avoid dirt.
  • The pool cover has functional ropes to tie it to the pool and prevent from blowing away.
  • The pipes has coating that prevent any kind of rusting and corrosion.


  • Assembly is bit hard but you can ask for Intex expert.

3. Intex 12ft X 30in Prism Frame Pool

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03/19/2023 05:53 am GMT

Another best above ground pool from the top brand Intex is on our list for several reasons like its huge size, beautiful design on the inside, a cartridge pump, and whatnot. This above ground pool is a must purchase for fun-loving families.

The low maintenance and huge size of this pool make it apt to enjoy and not worry about other technicalities. To take care of crystal clear water, you are provided with a 110-120V cartridge filter pump.

Intex 12ft X 30in Prism Frame Pool

The rate of flow of this pump is 530 gallons per hour which makes the cleaning more than efficient in case of an above ground pool. It has some other great features too, which are mentioned further.


  • A strong cartridge filter to keep the water crystal clear.
  • Ready to fill with water in half an hour.
  • The pipes are made from metal and thus are strong.
  • The pipes are also coated to prevent any kind of rusting and corrosion.
  • A huge capacity of 1,718 gallons that perfect for 3 to 5 people.


  • Assembly is time consuming. Better call an expert for this.

4. Summer Waves Elite Frame Pool

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03/19/2023 05:03 pm GMT

Summer Waves is another good brand for above ground pools and this model with an elite frame is not just any traditional above ground pool. It is the frame structure of this pool which makes it different. The Unique shape of the frames gives this pool a sturdy structure and that too without making it look bulky.

While you are having fun in the pool, you will simply be delighted with the perfect colour combinations on the mosaic tiles. The thoughtful creators of this above ground pool have included a number of accessories to maintenance kit.

With these accessories, cleaning, and maintaining the pool will be fun and easy. It is a great above ground pool for a family weekend time, as it has a great design and is easy to maintain.


  • Unique frame design to save space and at the same time make the pool sturdy.
  • The 3-ply makes the pool resistant towards the punctures.
  • A beautiful design on the design because of mosaic tiles and subtle color combinations.
  • A removable and a safe ladder included with the pool.
  • The pool comes with a pool cover.


  • Some users reported- Maintenance kit was missing in the box.
  • Finding maintenance kit is hard for this model.

5. Bestway Steel Pro Above Ground Pool

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03/20/2023 12:40 am GMT

Spend a hot summer day in this above-the-ground pool by Bestway and smooth out all the worries. If you are worried about the cost you will have to pay for this amazing above ground pool, you can relax on that aspect too. The cost is affordable and it is the best gift you can give to your family this summer.

An affordable cost does not mean it is a complicated pool and some kind of compromise. It is easy to assemble and easier to maintain. This budget-friendly above ground pool is made from strong materials and thus has a long life span.


  • The PVC material used in this pool makes it durable and the same time also light.
  • It has water capacity of 1,710 gallons, that’s perfect for a small family.
  • It uses a ChemoConnect instead of a traditional chemical dispenser.
  • The assembly of the pool is easy and requires no tools.
  • The frame and pipes have been treated to be rust and corrosion resistant.


  • Only suitable for small family.

6. Intex 15 Feet Metal Frame Pool

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03/24/2023 09:31 am GMT

The 15 feet metal pool from Intex hits number 6 on our list of best above ground pools for the reason it is extremely strong and durable. The above ground with such qualities should surely be a part of family weekends as it can make a hot scorching day also full of energy. This pool by Intex has some fancy features like a dual suction outlet fitting.

This makes the circulation of water more efficient, making the water cleaner. Since the pool has pipes and frame powder coated, it is also a pool that will not rust easily. You can simply assemble this pool in your backyard, have fun all summer and forget about maintenance worries.


  • Built from powder-coated frame and pipes to prevent rusting.
  • PVC sidewalls make the pool more strong and also compatible for a filter to be attached.
  • A cartridge filter is included with the pool.
  • The pool has dual suction fittings to make cleaning more efficient.
  • A safety feature of ground fault circuit interrupter makes this pool completely safe for family use.


  • Some users reported leaks.

7. Intex 8ft Easy Set Pool Set

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03/20/2023 01:46 am GMT

This above ground pool by Intex is the easiest to assemble pool available on the market. This pool in your backyard will simply make a hot summer day a delight. This above ground pool is not just easy to install but also easy to maintain. It comes with a filter pump that has a power of 110 to 120 watts.

Intex 8ft Easy Set Pool Set

This keeps water clean and thus you do not have to spend extra hours on cleaning. The cleaning part will be minimal and thus it will not take a lot of time. The pool also has a drain plug. With its help, you will be able to drain the water easily and in an area where you find it is the best.


  • Super easy installation process.
  • PVC walls make this pool completely durable.
  • Dual suction for the water makes water to be cleaner.
  • Draining water is easy because of the drain plug in the pool.


  • Not suitable for the large family.

8. Bestway Power Steel Above Ground Pool

Bestway brings another best above ground pool made from steel. Since the material of construction is steel, it is a pool that will serve you and your family for ages. The TriTech material used in this above ground pool adds extra strength and thus a number of people can be accommodated in this pool at a time.

The use of flow control drain makes draining an easy task in this pool. With this feature, you get to deal with the toughest task (draining) with ease. The pool also features an oval shape frame for which the overall build of the pool is supported to a great extent.


  • A sand filter is included with the pool
  • Reinforced with ropes wraps which keep the legs of the pool intact.
  • Has a drain valve to ease out the drainage process.
  • The metal frame is rust-resistant.


  • A sand filter pump is required.

9. Coleman Power-Steel Above-Ground Pool

Coleman Above Ground Pool

People looking for the best above ground pool which gives them a good value for the money spent, and then the Coleman pool is the best purchase for you.

The steel construction and right engineering of the frame make this above ground pool to be durable.

While you and your family can enjoy the pool for a great number of years, you also do not have to worry about the maintenance part. Thanks to the cover that comes along the pool, you can prevent all the dirt from entering your pool.

Even if things get messy at times, you also get a pool filter pump that is capable of handling any kind of messy situation.


  • Pipes are rust-resistant.
  • A 2500-gallon pool pump comes with the pool set.
  • Long-lasting life.
  • Pool cover, ladder, and ground cloth are included.


  • Some users reported leaks after a few months.

10. Splash Pools Oval Deluxe Pool

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This pool is the best above ground pool for families with more number of members. It is also good if you love hosting guests. The size of the pool is sufficient for a large group. The quality of the pool is great too.

Features like galvanized steel, a through-the-wall skimmer, and a pump help in maintaining the pump for the coming years.

Using the pool is also convenient. With the video on steps for installation, you will face no trouble in installing it, and to get in the pool easily you also get a ladder.

Make your summers more fun with this above ground pool by Splash pools.


  • Resin ladder included for safe and easy exit and entry.
  • Galvanized steel walls.
  • Long-lasting life.


  • The pump is not up to the mark.

Final Verdict

Before making any purchase decision, it’s advisable to go with some popular brands like Intex and Bestway. Because finding the maintenance kit is hard later on. So, I would suggest you go from any top 5 above the ground pool.