Best Automatic Pool Cleaners – Review & Top Picks

Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

Do you have a swimming pool to beat the summer heat? If Yes, then you know exactly how it’s hard to keep it clean and hygienic. If you too want to save the effort and time, you would definitely prefer an alternative to manual pool cleaning. Robotic pool cleaners are the best alternative to save time and effort.

Who would not want to reduce their effort and time spent in cleaning the pool? Well, we happen to have the perfect alternative. Why work hard when you can work smart and use an automatic pool cleaner to do the same work in half the time?

Now that you are here, why don’t we indulge you in detailed reviews of some fantastic above ground pool cleaners we have come across? We have done the research for you and quite in-depth, we must say. You can just sit back and compare all the top products we have reviewed below.

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Best Automatic Pool Cleaners With Bluetooth

With the increasing advancement in technology, many popular pool cleaners brand adding Bluetooth for additional control. Bluetooth-controlled robotic pool cleaners are the best to handle and schedule the cleaning task. Hence, at the top-most, we are listing all-time best Bluetooth-controlled automatic pool cleaners. Check the top-rated products below-

1. Dolphin Triton PS Plus Pool Cleaner

One of the top models in the Bluetooth equipped category of robotic pool cleaners is the Dolphin Triton PS Plus. This fantastic pool cleaner by Dolphin is a feature-loaded device that will definitely help you clean your pool and maintain it’s purity easily.

It features superior scrubbing power thanks to its active scrubbing brushes, and PowerStream technology makes sure that it covers all areas. The standard cleaning process takes two hours, but you can have a party-ready pool in just one hour with a quick clean cycle.

The debris and dirt are collected in the extra-large top-loading filter basket that can be emptied quite quickly as and when required. You can also set a specific schedule for the pool cleaner to clean your pool at regular intervals.

To use the Bluetooth feature, you have to download the relevant app on your smartphone. Once connected, you can navigate the pool cleaner according to your choice by guiding it with the controls on the smartphone screen.

  • The PowerStream technology provides constant grip on all surfaces, including vertical surfaces.
  • It provides a complete standard cleaning process in two hours.
  • The Bluetooth feature allows the user to control the pool cleaner using their smartphone.
  • The extra-large top-loading filter basket traps all sizes of debris and also circulates the water for a clean flow back into the pool.
  • The company provides a two-year warranty on the product.
  • The cord may get tangled occasionally.

2. DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

This Dolphin model is Bluetooth enabled and features a load of technology that makes it an instant fit in this category. The scrubbing brushes of this model feature dual cleaning power and focus on removing all the dirt and debris from the pool.

The floor, walls, and even the waterline are scrubbed thoroughly. The Bluetooth feature in this pool cleaner also requires you to download the relevant app. Once connected, you can easily control your pool cleaner to clean any particular places in your pool.

The swivel cord of the robotic pool cleaner avoids tangles and covers all the areas of your pool. The dirt and debris are handled by the twin cartridge filter that is capable of filtering efficiently.

  • This robotic pool cleaner focuses on the floor, walls, and waterline equally so that your pool is thoroughly clean.
  • It is eight times more energy-efficient than the standard pool cleaner.
  • The Bluetooth feature allows you to control the pool cleaner as it moves and cleans in your pool.
  • The tangle-free swivel cord saves lots of time since you don’t need to untangle it at all.
  • It has a twin cartridge large filter that manages all the dirt and debris in your pool.
  • The pool cleaner may get stuck on uneven surfaces.

3. DOLPHIN Mercury Robotic Pool Cleaner

This model by Dolphin is a simple plug and play device. You don’t need to set it up before use. You can just plug it and drop it into your pool to begin the cleaning process. The standard cleaning process lasts for two hours, but you can also opt for the quick cycle that lasts for one hour if you are in a hurry.

If you want to set up a fixed schedule for cleaning your pool, you can do so with this automatic pool cleaner. The Bluetooth feature also allows you to maneuver the device when it is cleaning in the pool so you can clean some specific spots.

The scrubbing brushes of the automatic pool cleaner work wonders on all sorts of flooring so you can use it without any tension. You will get a sparkling result every time.

  • The pool cleaner has a simple plug and play mechanism for use.
  • It has a quick clean cycle that lasts for one hour.
  • You can integrate a regular cleaning schedule into the pool cleaner’s system.
  • You can use the Bluetooth feature to spot clean.
  • The filter has a large capacity and a one-click mechanism for removing it.
  • The cord may get tangled occasionally.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

Are you in search of the best robotic pool cleaner for quick cleaning of your swimming pool water? Tired of green water and algae? You really need a good pool cleaning machine. We have prepared the top-rated robotic pool cleaners that help to get rid of green water and algae.

These robotic pool cleaners are extremely popular and best suitable for above the ground and inground swimming pools. You just need to throw inside your pool and relax. It will do all the cleaning work hassle-free and in effective manners.

Have a look at these top-rated robotic pool cleaners review below-

4. DOLPHIN C5 Robotic Pool Cleaner with Filtration

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin C5 pool cleaner is an excellent choice for medium-sized commercial pools. It has a plethora of features to make sure that you have a sparkling clean pool. To begin with, this pool cleaner comes with its caddy. It has a simple plug-and-play mechanism that is also explained along with its features in a video by the company. So, using it shouldn’t be a hassle for you.

It is fully automated and can be controlled using a remote to set the cleaning cycles. It also features dual scrubbing brushes that loosen up and remove tough dirt from all the surfaces of your pool, including the walls and waterline. It is quite the wall climber.

The filtration system of the cleaner has two filters of fine and ultra-fine quality that trap all sorts of debris and dirt into the bag leaving the pool fresh and clean. There is also the exclusive Clever Clean technology that senses the complete floor of the pool and cleans all the surfaces thoroughly, including the drains.

Of course, like all great products, this automatic pool cleaner also comes with a two-year warranty that will surely build your belief in this exceptional product.

  • Clever Clean technology ensures that not a speck of dirt is missed.
  • The dual filtration system can be cleaned easily after removal.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • Dolphin offers a two-year warranty with this product.
  • The cleaner has a high water processing rate of about thousands of gallons of water every hour.
  • The filtration bag should be cleaned after every use.

5. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

This Dolphin pool cleaner is one of the most straightforward and most feature-rich pool cleaners to use. It boasts the same Clever Clean technology as the previous Dolphin model. This technology allows the device to ensure that all surfaces of your pool are cleaned effectively.

The cleanliness is also attributed to the presence of the dual cleaning brushes that remove even the toughest of dirt. Speaking about filtration, the filters in this pool cleaner are three in number. These are the oversized fine filter bag with ultra-fine cartridge filters and bottom-load fine cartridge filters. This leaves you with a brand new and sparkling pool.

The pool cleaner is equipped with efficient dual motors that use up to 90% less energy than conventional pool cleaners. This saves not only energy but also your money. Also, the patented swivel cord does not get tangled during operation, making sure your device works safely and securely.

  • You can set a schedule in the pool cleaner to clean your pool at regular intervals.
  • It has multiple filters to ensure not a single speck of dirt can enter the water again.
  • There is a full filter indicator that lets you know when you have to clean the filter.
  • The Anti-tangle swivel cable ensures that the cords never tangle when the device is in operation.
  • The Clever Clean technology ensures that the entire pool is covered.
  • Post-sales customer service can be a bit slow for the remote areas.

6. Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Best Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner

In our honest opinion, the Polaris F9550 looks like the pool version of a futuristic space rover! With its cool Aqua-Trax tires, this Polaris model can manage its work on any surface.

It features a solid-blade scrubbing brush that can scrub away all remnants of dirt from your pool tiles. It has a 7-day programmable feature and also a Waterline Only Cleaning cycle. The ActivMotion sensors allow you to control your device with a handheld remote. You can use this to guide it into hard-to-reach spots.

Apart from these, there is also the Easy Lift technology. With one touch of the button, the cleaner rises up to the desired spot and waits for you to lift it. When you grab it, the water is emptied from it to ensure that it can be removed easily from the pool.

The canister is to be emptied when the Dirty Canister indicator lights up, and it can be cleaned easily using a shake and spray system. Polaris is known for manufacturing top-quality pool cleaners with innovative features. Here you can find a list of the best Polaris pool cleaners.

  • The Aqua-Trax tires are built for all surfaces of the pool, including the walls.
  • It is equipped with ActivMotion sensor technology that allows you to control the pool cleaner at all times with the help of a remote.
  • The Vortex Vacuum technology keeps tough dirt and debris suspended in the water for easy suction and removal.
  • With the Dirty Canister indicator, you need only to empty the filter when it is required.
  • The Rear Water Propulsion technology permits it to reach the trickier nooks and crannies.
  • The cord gets tangled in the water occasionally.

7. Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum

Best Hayward Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Hayward TigerShark pool cleaner gives the other pool cleaners a run for their money. It cleans the floor, walls, coves, and waterline of your pool in a mere four hours! If you value superior cleaning along with time management, then this product is just the right blend of these two qualities.

This pool cleaner can be used in pools of 20’x40′ size. It has a high suction pump that removes even the toughest of dirt and debris from your pool. If there are any hard to reach areas, you can maneuver it using the remote. The motor is powerful and efficient, as well.

The filtration system of the pool cleaner is separate from that of the pool, so there are no extra hassles of tubes, pumps, and potential backwashes. Also, the filter can be cleaned quite quickly at the end of the cleaning process with a simple rinse by a hose.

The whole device can be stored and transported easily using the caddy, but it is optional. If you need it, it must be bought separately. If you do not buy it, it works just fine anyway.

  • The on-board pump provides high suction power that lifts and removes all debris.
  • The filtration system runs separately from that of the pool.
  • It can be controlled by a wireless remote.
  • The filter can be cleaned easily after removal with just a simple rinsing by a hose.
  • It boasts an efficient and robust motor.
  • The caddy is not included with the product and must be bought separately.

8. DuraMAX RC Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner by DuraMAX

The DuraMAX RC robotic pool cleaner is a boon for pools that are about 75 feet in length. It is an exceptional device with a cleaning speed of approximately 8,790 square feet per hour. It also filters about 4,800 gallons of water per hour. This is a remarkable cleaning and filtration speed for a commercial pool cleaner.

The Direct Contact Brush Scrubbing technology ensures that all the surfaces of the pool (floor, walls, and waterline) are cleaned with extreme care and gusto. You will not see a speck of dirt left behind.

It is heavy-duty in nature and built for everyday cleaning of the pool. So, if you need a robotic pool cleaner for cleaning your pool daily, then this is an excellent choice, in our opinion. It also features an automatic timer that shuts off the device after the set time. There is also an air sensor that allows this device to clean the waterline surface thoroughly.

  • The Direct Contact Brush Scrubbing feature allows it to clean the floor, walls, and waterline of the pool quite thoroughly.
  • The length of the cable is about 120 feet, which is enough to get the pool cleaner everywhere with ease.
  • There is an automatic timer shut-off feature.
  • There is also an air sensor in this robotic pool cleaner.
  • Post-sales customer service is quick and responsive.
  • This is not suitable for any large pools greater than 75 feet in length.

9. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Pool Cleaner

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner by Dolphin

Another winning product from Dolphin is this Nautilus CC Plus model. It takes the cleaning time down to just two hours! Unbelievable, right? Well, this is all possible thanks to the wall climbing capability, smart navigation technology, and twice powerful scrubbing brushes.

This pool cleaner is ideal for pools of size up to 50 feet. It cleans all surfaces diligently and leaves only a sparkling surface behind. It can easily traverse walls to ensure that the walls are also clean.

The scrubbing brushes have dual power and can clean even the most stubborn dirt. The suction system ensures that the dirt and debris pass through the superior twin cartridge filtration system. It traps all sorts of dirt and debris from the water.

When it is time to clean the filter, you can simply open it and rinse it quickly with a hose, you can switch between nylon and cloth filters. It can smoothly function on your entire pool with its smart navigation system, although you may need to guide it on steps where it may get tricky for it to work.

  • The filtration system is superior and involves twin cartridge filters.
  • You can schedule the cleaning program according to your choice.
  • The swivel cable allows for a tangle-free cleaning experience.
  • It has a powerful suction motor to ensure no debris is left behind.
  • The pool cleaner can clean the entire pool in 2 hours in a standard cycle.
  • The caddy is an additional purchase.

10. Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner by Polaris

Compared to the pool cleaners we have seen until now, this Polaris model is quite the sleek and modern looking one. This model by Polaris has a triple jet system that increases the vacuum power phenomenally and also provides quicker cleaning results.

This Polaris model promises a complete vacuuming, sweeping, and scrubbing experience for your pool. It has an iconic three-wheel design that moves around effortlessly in your pool.

It also boasts of pressure cleaning that makes the job easier. It moves the clean and heated water all over the pool to ensure that there are no cold spots left in your pool.

Since all the debris is caught in the large capacity filter bag of Polaris, it increases the life of the pool’s filtration system.

It is not only the filter bag that is large, but also the debris intake portal that is large in size to allow all the debris to enter the filtration system. It is supplemented by the powerful dual venturi jet vacuum to ensure all the debris is sucked in.

  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • The Continuous Cleaning feature frees the pool cleaner in case it gets cornered.
  • The filter bag has a large capacity to ensure that even the biggest of debris can be accommodated safely.
  • It not only vacuums but also scrubs and sweeps the floor of your pool.
  • The stairs and corners are cleaned by the sweep hose.
  • Post-sales customer service can be unresponsive.

11. Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

This is an excellent product by Dolphin that will definitely leave you happy with the cleaning results. This automatic pool cleaner has resilient dual scrubbing brushes that remove all the fine and tough dirt from your pool. This dirt and debris pass through the large bottom-load cartridge filters that trap all of it to leave only clean water behind.

Also, this device also has the Clever Clean technology for smart navigation through your pool to cover all the surfaces without missing out on any corner. It is a simple plug and plays a robotic pool cleaner that you can use to clean your pool effortlessly.

To achieve this powerful performance, you do not need any additional booster pump, so this makes the cleaning process hassle-free. Moreover, the overall energy consumption of the pool cleaner is about eight times more efficient than the other pool cleaners.

  • The large bottom-load cartridge filters work to capture all possible debris and dirt from your pool.
  • The dual scrubbing brushes work effectively on the floor and walls of the pool to remove all the dirt.
  • The Clever Clean technology allows smart navigation of the pool to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned.
  • The pool cleaner offers a simple plug and play option for using it.
  • There is no requirement for an additional booster pump.
  • The pool cleaner may get stuck in the corners occasionally.

12. Poolvergnuegen Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner

Poolvergnuegen Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner

This is the kind of robotic pool cleaner that may look archaic but packs quite the punch. It is available as a two-wheeled device as well as a four-wheeled device. It works great for pools of 16’x32′ size.

The turbine vanes are self-adjusting and provide maximum power along with the adjustable roller skirt that provides high suction at all points. These features together ensure that the device offers optimum cleaning in all conditions. The interchangeable throats ensure that all sizes of debris are sucked in and out of the pool water quickly. It also varies the speed of the suction to suit the situation.

The tire treads of this robotic pool cleaner are built in such a way that they provide smooth movement of the cleaner across the floor and walls of the pool. You can set the left wheel to reverse after specific points to ensure complete coverage of the pool surface.

  • This pool cleaner has patented self-adjusting turbine vanes that ensure maximum power at any flow.
  • The tire treads are durable and versatile, giving the pool cleaner easy access to all surfaces and allows for a more thorough cleaning experience.
  • The steering system of the device can be set to reverse periodically. Hence, all areas of the pool can be covered systematically.
  • It comes with three interchangeable throats for increased versatility and functionality.
  • The patented adjustable roller skirt allows for optimum suction even on uneven surfaces.
  • It gets stuck on stair steps occasionally.

13. Pentair LL505G Inground Pool Cleaner

Best In-ground pool cleaner

If you want reliable and fast cleaning, then this Pentair pool cleaner is just right for you. It has exceptional traction that is optimized by its front-wheel drive and the treaded tires. Since it is a four-wheeled pool cleaner, there is no instance of the pool cleaner flipping over.

The pool cleaner comes with a large intake throat connected to a high capacity bag to ensure that all your debris is sucked into the filter bag efficiently and quickly. The booster pump of the device is quite the efficient one and ensures that you do your bit for the environment and your wallet.

  • To ensure optimum traction, the pool cleaner has front-wheel drive and treaded tires.
  • There are no instances of tipping over since there are four wheels.
  • The filter bag has a high capacity that ensures that all the debris can be stored properly.
  • The throat has a large intake to ensure that all sizes of debris can be suctioned into the filter bag.
  • The booster pump is energy efficient.
  • The pool cleaner may get stuck on uneven surfaces.

14. Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner

Zodiac MX8 Suction Side Cleaner

This beautiful pool cleaner by Zodiac is quite the mighty beast in its compact form. It works like a miracle in your pool. All the debris, regardless of size, is sucked in to give you a clean and sparkling pool.

Compared to the standard pool cleaners, it has a more full cleaning path that covers more of your pool area in lesser time. The dual cyclonic suction ensures that more powerful cleaning is done. The X-Drive technology provides optimal coverage of all surfaces of the pool.

The X-Trax tires of the pool cleaner provide adequate traction and movement even in corners and vertical walls. It functions well even with low-flow pumps so that there is no increased burden on the pool’s systems.

  • It has a wide cleaning path to cover more area in less time.
  • There is an adjustable intake for the debris, so all sizes are sucked in effortlessly.
  • The dual cyclonic suction system allows for faster and better cleaning than standard pool cleaners.
  • The X-Drive Navigation ensures that all surfaces of the pools are cleaned, including the walls.
  • The Flex Power Turbine allows for more efficient cleaning, even in low flow pumps.
  • It may get stuck on uneven surfaces occasionally.

15. Hayward AquaNaut Pool Cleaner

Hayward AquaNaut Pool Cleaner

This AquaNaut pool cleaner by Hayward is a convenient product for those people who wish for a compact yet useful robotic pool cleaner. It has a multitude of features in it that make it an excellent buy for people who want to save some money.

The pool cleaner comes with a patented V-flex technology that is associated with its variable vanes. These vanes maintain the suction pressure at all times and do not allow any clogs to form. This is courtesy of their flexible nature.

It also comes with multiple in-built steering sequences that can be used to cover all the surfaces of your pool during the cleaning process. Adding to this is the rugged tire tread that allows the pool cleaner to climb on walls effortlessly. This is to ensure that you get a thorough cleaning experience.

If there are any sections in your pool that are uneven (could be your drains), the pool cleaner will move over it effortlessly thanks to its adjustable roller skirt.

  • The patented V-flex technology with variable vanes maintains the suction pressure and also eliminates clogs.
  • There are multiple steering sequences that cover all the ground on your pool.
  • The rugged tire treads (patented, by the way) ensure that walls are not left out of the cleaning session.
  • The adjustable roller skirt provides optimum suction for uneven surfaces as well.
  • The flow performance is maintained even with variable flow pumps, thanks to the advanced design.
  • Some users have reported that the hose causes it to tilt over occasionally.

How to choose the best pool cleaner?

Now that you have seen the potential candidates for your new robotic pool cleaner, we can discuss how to shortlist these candidates and select the winner. This largely depends on you, and we will just be guiding you through what you must consider and what you can ignore in your decision-making process.

1. Type of cleaner

Since we have discussed only automatic pool cleaners here, you can consider the differences between regular and Bluetooth-equipped pool cleaners. You must consider if you will be using the Bluetooth connection. When budget is not a constraint, it’s obvious to go for Bluetooth-controlled robotic cleaner for better experience and comfort.

2. Features

This is a given when we consider any product. You have to go through the features a specific model provides and how useful they are to you. You may be thrilled if you are getting a large intake throat, but if your pool has dirt more than debris, then what is the point of this feature. So, consider the essential elements when you are comparing models.

3. Pool size

Pool cleaners are designed for pools of specific dimensions. So, make sure you consider the size of your pool when you are buying the pool cleaner. Also, don’t forget to consider the types of pool such as the above ground pool or in-ground pool. Any mismatch may lead to reduced performance or, even worse, product failure.

4. Budget

This is one of the most important things to consider. If you have set a specific limit on the budget, then cut down your options to that particular range. Stick to your budget lest you want to mess up your monthly budget plans. But, if by paying a few bucks extra, you can avail an essential feature, then go ahead. Just manage your money correctly after that.

5. Durability and maintenance

Since this is a machine, there are more moving parts involved. Hence, they are more liable to damage. Read the reviews of past customers and the specifications to determine the durability of the pool cleaner.

Also, consider the possibility that in the event of any necessary maintenance, will you be able to afford and manage the cost of the part’s service or replacement? Try to buy a pool cleaner with a warranty. It helps a lot.

Why you should go for Bluetooth-controlled robotic cleaners?

If we consider a Bluetooth pool cleaner against a robotic pool cleaner, you will find that the Bluetooth equipped cleaners are better in certain aspects. We have given two examples below.

Let us first consider mobility, the innate mobility of both is the same, but if you wish to maneuver the pool cleaner in tricky spots, then you have to do that manually in case of the normal one. For the Bluetooth equipped one, you can use your smartphone to move it as you wish.

Next, we will be discussing cleaning. If there is a specific spot in the pool that you need to clean again, you can just use your smartphone to move the cleaner over that particular spot, unlike a standard pool cleaner.

Final Verdict

We have listed and discussed the best automatic pool cleaners, with and without Bluetooth. We have also guided you on how to decide on one final product. Now, the decision lies in your hands. We hope that you find the best pool cleaner for you from this list. Enjoy the suntan while your pool cleaner gets the job done!