Chairs for Pool Sun Shelf

Best Chairs for Pool Sun Shelf – In Pool Furniture

What’s the best place to spend a sunny, lazy day? Out by the pool, of course! While
most people relieve stress by swimming, some prefer to enjoy a good read on their tanning ledge.

Sun shelves are an excellent choice when you simply want to relax in the water without changing into your swimming suit.

But to gain the full experience, you must own some chairs for pool sun shelf. You can also go for some floating pool chairs to further enhance your experience or get a great tan.

Moreover, some pool chairs are explicitly designed to help reduce the muscle tension in your body after a long day.

After researching several products, we selected some of the best chairs for your pool sun shelf. So, select one of these products and make your weekend pool days even more relaxing

Best Chairs for Pool Tanning Ledge

1. Ledge Lounger’s in-pool Chaise Lounge

Ledge Lounger in-Pool Chaise Lounge for 0-9 in. of Water (Set of 2, White)
$1,598.00 ($799.00 / Count)
  • IN WATER use for ledges 0-9” deep. Do not use in water deeper than 9” (for deeper water, use our Chaise Deep)
  • HIGH QUALITY, UV RESISTANT materials (UV16 rated) that withstand 16,000 hour of direct overhead sunlight, as well as the water, weather, and other harsh elements of the outdoors
  • COMPATIBLE with all pool types, including vinyl
  • EASY INSTALLTION using threaded plug system that allows the lightweight chaise to anchor on your pool’s ledge
  • COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH with an eye-catching design that is contoured for comfort
  • DEEP VERSION AVAILABLE for use in water depths between 10"-15"

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03/22/2023 03:56 am GMT

This pool sun shelf chair by Ledge Lounger tops our list for its fantastic design and functionality. Despite its relatively high price, this product is well worth the price. Featuring a highly durable resin construction, Ledge Lounger’s pool chair is made to withstand nearly 16,000 hours of direct sunlight in addition to other harsh weather elements.

The stylish and comfortable design contours to provide the body with a relaxing experience. You can use it in various pools, including vinyl pools, for ledges 0-9″ deep. Installing this chair in your pool is simple, but you must be careful not to mess up the paint, as it scratches quite easily.

2. TRC Recreation LP Poolside Chair

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03/22/2023 12:41 pm GMT

Our second product, the TRC Recreation poolside chair, is a user favorite. The chair boasts a vinyl frame, which makes it easily foldable and effortless to carry. Plus, this single-seater is available in an appealing bronze color that adds to your pool aesthetic. While these chairs do not recline, they support your back perfectly. You can also lean back a few degrees into the soft comfort of the chair.

These chairs are sturdy and easy to store, though you must be careful while folding as vinyl can stick to vinyl, and this material risks being torn easily. Hence, you should be wary around the chairs with objects that can tear or puncture the vinyl. But, in the end, these chairs provide quality poolside relaxation at an affordable price.

3. S.R.Smith Pool Lounger

S.R.Smith RS-1-2-2PK R-Series, 2-pk Pool Lounger, 2-Pack, White
  • For use on residential or commercial pool shelves with water depths up to 12 inches
  • Made in the USA with high quality rotomolded materials
  • UV protection to resist fading; weight limit 250 pounds
  • Compatible with all pool types and easy to drain and move when not in use

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03/21/2023 05:40 am GMT

The S.R. Smith pool lounger is a residential and commercial poolside chair for in-pool and poolside use. This chair has a unique shape for maximum comfort, and UV protection prevents the product’s colors from fading.

This pool lounger is also available in various vibrant colors that fit right with your pool design. You can use this relaxing lounger in up to 12 inches of water. The chair uses high-quality rotomolded materials, so it’s incredibly sturdy. Furthermore, you can quickly drain it when it is not in use without worrying about any damage. Plus, you can purchase the chair as an individual piece or buy a set of two and save some money.

The Best Floating Pool Chairs

best floating pool chair

1. Swimline Sunchaser Floating Lounger

Swimline Sunchaser Padded Floating Lounger
  • Measures: 52 inches L x 32 inches W
  • Features a molded u-frame and rounded Pontoon design
  • Designed with a full-length woven pad and extra-thick, integrated pillow
  • Sunchaser luxury lounge is durable, UV and chemical resistant, and easy to keep clean
  • White and blue accent stripes
  • Super-strong molded frame
  • Fully padded with an extra-thick headrest

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03/21/2023 05:53 am GMT

The Swimline Sunchaser is the leading pool chair for luxury and convenience. It is one of the best floating pool chairs on the market. Everything about this floating chair, from its material to its design, promises user comfort. The item weighs 18 pounds and has attractive blue and white accent stripes.

With the Swimline Sunchaser, you can enjoy your favorite beverages in the pool without worrying about spilling them. The inflatable floating chair has two cup holders on each side for best use. The chair’s armrests are fluffy, providing maximum comfort. Moreover, the chair is easy to clean and highly durable. It also features soft padding with an extra-thick headrest that cradles your neck perfectly. Lastly, the chair has a rounded pontoon design with a molded u-frame.

2. ALLADINBOX Inflatable Float Lounge

ALLADINBOX Inflatable Float Lounge, Pool Floating Chair , with 2 Drink Holders and 2 Handles, Perfect for The Swimming Pool & Beach, Yellow
  • Partially in water: This pool float is designed to keep your legs partially submerged helping to keep you cool water.
  • Multi using places: Perfect for the swimming pool and the beach for all day lounging.
  • Excellent design: Chairs include 2 handles to make it easy to take and sit in the pool. Large-profile contoured back and arm rests. With a cool drink in the built-in holder at your side, you may never want to get out!
  • LONG LASTING: Made from durable heavy-duty PVC with reinforced seams capable of holding up to 250 Pounds! Double air room and double air valve prevent air leakage. Easy to use, inflates and deflates in seconds.
  • GREAT FOR ADULTS: The 43" diameter makes this the ideal chair for adults.

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03/20/2023 05:28 am GMT

Our last recommendation, the ALLADINBOX inflatable float lounge, is the perfect definition of an “in and out-of-water experience.” It means that the float keeps your legs partially inside the water, allowing you to enjoy the coolness of the water. This product is highly budget-friendly and the perfect companion for a summer break. The inflatable pool float is made from PVC, which is incredibly long-lasting. Furthermore, the chair is ideal for adults and can hold up to 250 pounds.

The chair’s bright yellow color contrasts with the clean, blue swimming pool. In addition, it has a double valve and a double air room to prevent any leakage.

Best Chairs for Pool Sun Shelf: Summary

A poolside chair is a must to enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest. You can enjoy sunbathing near the cool water with the best chairs for pool tanning ledges and patios. So, select the best pool chair to complete your pool aesthetic with our list of the best chairs for pool sun shelves and floating pool chairs.

It is recommended that you regularly clean your floating pool chair. Check out our pool float cleaning tips and some of our top picks for pool floats.


Can you put chairs in a pool?

Yes you can, however chairs should be designed for use in pools. Some examples of chairs that can go in a pool include floating pool chairs, and chairs for pool tanning ledge.