Best Chlorine Tablets For Swimming Pools

Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools

An important factor in maintaining a healthy and clean pool is the chlorine levels which can be achieved with chlorine tablets. But which among the many options available on the market is best for your pool?

Because finding the right tablet for your pool needs is such a daunting task, we have made it easier for you with this list. We found some of the best and most popular chlorine tablets favored by so many pool owners worldwide.

Read on to find out how these chlorine tablets can help your pool stay healthy and clean.

Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools Reviews

Clorox Pool and Spa XtraBlue Chlorinating Tablets

Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools

Clorox is a household brand known worldwide for clean and healthy pool water all year round. It will be no different with these chlorine tablets that will last longer than most for better results.


Most pool owners know that larger tablets are better for larger pools to keep the water healthy. This chlorine tablet from Clorox is available in a larger size, so it takes longer to dissolve, which is good for large pools.

The formula also contains some conditioners to make the water feel much smoother when you use the pool. This is great for those days when friends gather around the pool.

A stabilizer is added to these chlorine tablets to enrich the water for added protection. This will increase the time your water stays clean and healthy while protecting it from sunlight for a longer period.

Applying these tablets to your pool water is easy. Simply add them to your feeder to save you time and effort. This is ideal for long-lasting protection against algae and bacteria, so your pool stays healthy much longer without interruption.

What is great about these tablets is that you only need to apply them once a week for the best results. The container is also available in 5-pound configurations for easy storage and handling.

Unfortunately, these tablets may drastically increase the cyanuric acid levels in your pool which may be harmful to the hardware. This is not good, so you need to use other methods to lower the acidity level, which will cost you extra.

There are also quality control issues with the delivery of these tablets, which may be annoying for some users. Many users experienced that their tablets arrived damaged and sometimes not even in the original packaging. This is not good for the company’s reputation.


  • Very easy to use in the pool
  • The effects will last much longer
  • Keeps your pool crystal clear
  • Large tablet sizes for larger pools


  • These tablets may increase cyanuric acid levels
  • You may find some quality issues with them

PoolWell Pool and Spa Chlorine Tablets

Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools

All pools need the best treatment to keep them healthy and to increase the fun level for everyone, including the maintenance person. For this, you need the versatile chlorine tablets that come from PoolWell to give you the surety that your pool is clean.


Most pool owners opt for a small-to-medium size pool to provide fun for the family and friends on warm days, which makes these tablets the ideal option to use by most pool owners to keep their pools clean for longer.

For your convenience, you can also order these chlorine tablets in different size packages of 5-pound and 10-pound configurations. For those people with larger pools, it is also available in liquid form in a 60-pound container to save time.

These tablets are designed to clear the pool water and give you silky smooth water during all seasons. This is done by providing your pool with better protection against algae and other types of bacteria with a long-lasting effect.

You will find that applying these tablets to the pool water will not take up much of your time. This is great for those DIYers who don’t have much time to spend on pool maintenance and cleaning.

This versatile chlorine tablet from PoolWell can be used for many different water treatment applications, such as SPAs and hot tubs. You’ll have more fun and your pool will always be healthy when using these tablets.

The high price tag of these chlorine tablets from PoolWell makes them one of the most expensive products on the market. While they say you pay for quality, those with a tight budget will likely opt for a more affordable option.

You will need more than one tablet for larger pools, which makes them not the best choice for those with large pools. This will, unfortunately, increase the overall cost of using these tablets, and you will have to order larger quantities at a time.


  • It is great for medium size and small pools
  • Available in different size packages
  • Provide a clean pool for a long time
  • Safe application of chlorine to pool water


  • Comes with a high price tag attached
  • Need more than one tablet for larger pools

Stabilized Chlorine Tablets From In The Swim

Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools

The manufacturer’s name says it all. This company is all about managing the dirty work so you are free to simply enjoy your pool. With up to three different sizes of containers available, there is a package for every pool owner out there.


The large quantities these tablets are available in is a great idea for those people with larger pools, in 10, 25, and 50-pound sizes. This simply means that you can order a one-off 50-pound package that will last for quite some time.

Each tablet will be able to treat around 5,000 gallons of water, which makes this a great option for medium size pools. The ability to use floating dispensers makes it an easy task to maintain your pool without wasting your valuable time.

You have great UV radiation resistance with these chlorine tablets, with the stabilizer added to the formula for better protection. This means it will reduce the chances of producing chloramines that may be harmful to the pool and the swimmers.

Based on the Trichlor method to add chlorine to the water, it is quite safe to use in any home pool. This feature will keep your family and friends safe while it provides your pool with crystal clear water all the time.

The 3-inch tablet makes it the perfect size to be used in floaters or any other type of feeder you may have.

For those who don’t need a lot of tablets at a time, this might not be the best option for their pool needs. That is because these tablets are not available in smaller than 10-pound packages which is a bit of an issue.

With no conditioner in the formula of these chlorine tablets from In The Swim, you will not have that silky smooth water. This is not ideal and detracts from the overall functionality of these otherwise great chlorine tablets.


  • Available in different package size configurations
  • Large tablet size for longer-lasting effects
  • Tablets are individually wrapped for longer shelf life
  • A stabilizer is added with these tablets for much better results


  • It is not available in a smaller package size
  • There is no conditioner in the formula

3-Inch Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets from Doheny’s

Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools

Doheny’s products offer versatility and functionality while adding a greater fun factor to any type of swimming pool you may throw at it. It is loaded with great features to make your swimming a fun place to be instead of a burden for everyone.


These chlorine tablets are available in large quantity containers of up to 100 pounds for those with large water bodies. You have the option of 10, 20, 25, 50, and 100-pound containers to make it easier for storage purposes.

With the 3-inch tablets, this is the ideal option for larger pools with a much better dissolving speed for greater effects. The high compression method will also significantly affect the dissolving speed to provide you with great results.

The advanced method of adding chlorine to the water makes it safe to use in the home and public swimming pools. This will also make the water healthier with a long-lasting effect on the cleanliness of the pool, for more fun.

With pre-stabilization added for better resistance against the sun’s UV rays, they will provide protection for much longer. This means there will be no fast evaporation of the chlorine in the water to keep it clean and healthy all the time.

The safe packaging method of individual wrapping for every tablet provides a secure storage option. It is made much easier for you with the easy-to-open container your tablets come in.

Additionally, the fact that you don’t get it in smaller package configurations of less than 10 pounds makes it better for larger pools. Those people who use only a small amount in smaller pools and SPAs need smaller containers with fewer tablets.

To get these tablets to work as they should, you need to add a puck to the plumbing, which some may find difficult. This may need some time and effort to get used to, so those with no prior experience may get frustrated with the method.


  • It is available in larger quantities
  • Safe to use in home pools
  • A much better dissolving speed in the water
  • Easy to use and open storage containers


  • These tablets are not ideal for smaller pools
  • Not for direct use in pool water

Bioguard SilkGuard Complete Chlorine Tablets from LeisureQuip

Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools

When it comes to pool chemistry and maintenance, these tablets are a great option for better pool health balance. You can not go wrong with these chlorine tablets from leisureQuip with the advanced formula used to keep your pool healthy and inviting.


The special formula of chlorine in this tablet from Leisure will help improve overall pool health and cleaner water. This will help manage your pool while providing better stain and scale control for a much healthier pool.

Conditioners added to the formula will help to soften the water for a silky soft feel and experience in the water. This also helps to improve the overall clarity of the water to give a crystal clear effect in the water.

These tablets can be added to the plumbing system to make it easier for you to maintain your pool. With this feature, it will reduce the maintenance time so you can spend it on more important things, like enjoying your pool.

SmartGuard technology added to these tablets makes the regular treatment of pool water unnecessary, with much longer periods between maintenance sessions. Less frequent treatments mean more time to spend with family and friends in the pool on those hot days.

With the pool maintenance logbook added, you can easily keep track of chemical treatments and water health. These tablets are a great option for the perfectionist who always wants to keep their pool in peak condition.

Unfortunately, these tablets take quite a long time to dissolve, which may affect overall pool maintenance. The dissolving speed of the tablets determines the effectiveness, but if it takes too long, the effects might not be as good as expected.

This may not be an issue for home pool owners, but for those with large pools, it might be as there are only small containers available. You only get these tablets in 7.5 and 25-pound containers, but nothing bigger or smaller than that.


  • This is an easy fix for pool issues
  • There is a pool maintenance logbook included
  • Results will last for a long period
  • Great for overall pool maintenance


  • These tablets take a long time to dissolve
  • Not available in large containers


All of the above options are great chlorine tablets to use in your swimming pool, and you can’t really go wrong with any. But with the advanced technology, the Bioguard Complete Chlorine tablet makes this the perfect option for residential swimming pools. For those with a smaller pool and a tight budget, we appreciate the budget-friendly Clorox pool with the spa XtrBlue long-lasting chlorine tablets in second place.