Best Dolphin Pool Cleaners (2021)- Top Pick & Review

If you’ve made a decision to buy- Dolphin Pool Cleaners, I would say- it’s the best decision you have ever made.

Dolphin manufacturers wide-range of pool cleaners with innovative features. Their products are suitable for commercial as well as home use. The Dolphin pool cleaners are known for their quality and durability.

But, you must need to ensure that- you’re getting the best cleaner for your requirements. Well, it takes hell lot of hard work and sufficient time to research and read in-depth reviews of individual Dolphin’s cleaners.

So, in order to save your time and effort- we’ve done tons of research and taken unbiased feedback from actual customers. Hence, you don’t need to work hard and go individually. We’ve prepared a list of the Best Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners that you can find below.

Best Dolphin Pool Cleaners of 2021

Dolphin pool cleaner is an ideal choice for cleaning your pool efficiently, quickly, and without any extra efforts. It is easy to adjust these pool cleaners to any shape of the pool, which creates a cleaning pattern according to cleaning requirements.

Do you want to buy a pool cleaner that can move around slides, ladders, and other obstacles? Dolphin Cleaners has expertise in these.

The plus point is that the working of the Dolphin pool cleaner is simple. You need to place the cleaner in your pool and then turn it on. The debris or any dirt is scrubbed into a self-contained vacuum bag of the pool cleaner.

Moreover, you can save up to 50 percent on electricity with the advanced electronics of cleaner. Now you may be wondering how to buy the best pool cleaner for cleaning your pool quickly and efficiently.

1. Dolphin Triton PS Plus Pool Cleaner

Best Dolphin Pool Cleaners

Removal of dirt and debris is complicated if they are stubborn in the pool surface. Then why don’t you go for a new Dolphin Triton PS Plus Automatic Pool Cleaner? It provides superior debris removal without any effort. It’s extremely efficient and fast to do the cleaning job.

Highlighting Features

Constant Mobility Grip- This pool cleaner has a Power Stream grip for enhancing mobility to clean the vertical surface areas and walls with excessive debris. Also, it has one swivel cable for easy cleaning to ease of movement.
Two Hours Complete Cleaning- Now you need not spend days cleaning your pool when you have DOLPHIN Triton Pool Cleaner. Use this quick-acting robotic pool cleaner to keep you ready for your night pool party in a maximum of two hours.
Powerful Filtration- The primary feature that attracts customers to buy this pool cleaner is its Extra-large filter basket to hold on dirt, debris leaves with the circular motion in cleaning. Thus it provides the best and optimum cleaning results in no time.
Alternate Day Cleaning- Since manual cleaning takes time and you feel tired very often, you may not find it easy for cleaning the pool every other day. But the Triton PS model has made it easy for you to enjoy everyday parties on the poolside.
  • Constant cleaning in a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Robotic cleaner for every other day cleaning solution.
  • It can clean pools of 50 feet very quickly.
  • Swivel cable included for natural movement.
  • Complete control via smartphones.
  • Only suitable for 50 feet pool size.

2. Dolphin C5 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best Dolphin's Automatic Pool Cleaner

Are you searching for a tool that could quickly minimize your handwork of cleaning a pool? Here is the DOLPHIN C5 Robotic Model that works quickly to clean a pool and is an everlasting item.

It is an excellent pool cleaner to clean up to 88 feet surface that works reliably for long years. Your search for effective and pool cleaner to provide backed two years assurance for the quality.

Highlighting Features

Overnight Cleaning- You must be searching for a large pool cleaner that takes a few hours for cleaning efficiently. Manual cleaning makes take several days. Now you will be given an easy cleaning option with this robotic pool cleaner by DOLPHIN. It has reduced man working hours for cleaning efficiently and reduces the cleaning time.
Hygienic and Clean Water- Suppose if your pool is not clean then what do you think- will the person swimming inside will be satisfied or frustrated? He would never choose your pool again for swimming. Thus, Dolphin has provided good scrub to remove dirt and debris from the pool that keeps water clean and healthy and therefore buys you, new customers.
Clever Cleaning Technology- This Dolphin pool cleaner is equipped with Clever Clean Technology that smartly find out dirty area and clean it effectively. It ensures that, there’s no dirt left in your swimming pool.
  • Enhanced quality of water keeping customers happy.
  • Clever cleaning technology.
  • Cleans pool in one night.
  • Can clean big pools of 88 feet.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty cleaning solutions.
  • Bit costly, but worth totally.

3. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Your manual work is reduced with the drop and go pool cleaner by DOLPHIN. It is the next premium Dolphin Pool Cleaner which is easy to operate for a few hours of cleaning a pool. It is a ground automatic pool cleaner to work for 50 feet area.

If you need a good quality pool cleaner from Dolphin in a medium budget, then this model best to go for. In fact, this is the most popular automatic pool cleaner for medium-sized swimming pools.

Highlighting Features

Smart Cleaning Technology- The best part for this pool cleaner to attract its most of the users is- its efficient working Clever Technology. It uses an advanced algorithm to cover the entire pool at one time. The next advanced technology feature is the swivel cable that helps it to move around the whole pool.
Powerful Scrubbing Brushes- Durable brushes are best to attack the stubborn debris and dirt that helps cleaning the entire dirt in about 3 hours. Thus you will be ready with a good and clean pool for the party in a matter of hours.
Multi Filter Choices- Dolphin Premiere Cleaner has different filter options, including ultra-fine cartridge filters, bottom-load cartridge filters, and one oversized beautiful filter bag.
Convenient Cleaning Process- You can go with your weekly schedule to automatically clean the pool for enjoying weekend parties. Also, many choose for cleaning after every 3rd day.
  • Clever Clean Technology used for efficient and hassle-free cleaning.
  • Drop and go quickly operable pool cleaner.
  • Powerful dual brushes for easy cleaning.
  • Multi-filter choices as per requirement.
  • Schedule the cleaning process at definite time intervals.
  • Some customers reported slow response for the remote areas.

4. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

Have you tired from manual cleaning of your pool? It’s better to go for Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner to handle heavy-duty work. It is an ideal choice for a pool of 50 feet of the total surface. Get a sparkling cleaned pool in just 2 hours.

Dolphin’s Nautilus CC Plus model is demanded by many customers. It’s one of the budget-friendly automatic pool cleaners under $1000. So, if you want to automate your pool cleaning task- get this product.

Highlighting Features

Truly Robotic Cleaner- This model by DOLPHIN is especially for effortless cleaning and has dual scrubbing brushes. Enjoy superior filtering option keeping walls exceptionally cleaned and sparkling.
One-tap Operation- You may schedule for cleaning the pool with three different settings in one day, next day, or if you want healthy swimming water every three days. However, it has never been much easier if you do not have this model from DOLPHIN for cleaning large pools.
Ditch Your Pump & Hose- DOLPHIN has always been providing an independent cleaning machine that does not require any additional tool for cleaning a pool even if you need it before the party in 2 hours. Thus, it keeps saving a lot of energy with every cleaning.
Unmatched Cleaning Performance- Everyone looks for a powerful cleaning without any hassle in less time. DOLPHIN company has always been famous for its products for the last 35 years. It has always provided high performance and longevity work. The company knows how important it is to spend quality time with family.
  • It can cleans 50 feet surface in one-time use.
  • Need a total of 2 hours for providing a sparkling pool.
  • Hassle-free cleaning solution.
  • It cleans the pools after every other day.
  • Some customers reported low durability while operating in pools that contains tree leafs.

5. Dolphin Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner with Bluetooth

Dolphin Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner does not take much time to complete your tasks. You can keep the sparkling pool in 2.5 hours. To clean a large pool of 50 feet by letting them work underwater, this machine is an excellent choice for you.

Highlighting Features

Deep Cleaning- Oasis has been a powerful model than all when the matter is to remove the stubborn debris and dirt. Also, it works on the swimming pool walls and the waterline forming a good grip on the surface of the pool.
Several Filtering Options- Every pool cleaner might provide you with one cleaning option until you buy this model by DOLPHIN. Different underwater cleaning options helps in superior cleaning and ensures there is no single dirt particle left inside the pool.
3-Settings Automatic Cleaning- You will be given the three settings cleaning option as per requirement. These three settings include every day, another day, and the third day. If your pool usage is more, then go for an everyday cleaning option.
Bluetooth Control- This model from Dolphin has Bluetooth technology such that you can connect to the cleaning process by downloading MyDolphin App on your smartphone. It will help you to spot out the entire process.
  • Eight times efficient than other pool cleaners.
  • Bluetooth app cleaning technology to spot process.
  • No additional pumps required for cleaning.
  • Eliminate stubborn particles from walls.
  • Only suitable for 50 feet pool size.
  • Costly

Pool Cleaners Buyer’s Guide

You have to consider the following things while choosing an appropriate pool cleaner for your need-

1. Pool Size

Various pool cleaners have different lengths of cable, and when you are buying pool cleaner, then you need to ensure that the product is well-designed for optimal cleaning performance and reach the furthest point of the pool.

2. Cleaning Needs

You need to ensure that the product includes next-generation technology with wall coverage and dual scrubbing brushes so that you get efficiently cleaned pool easily.

3. Convenience

Today’s most of the people want to buy a pool cleaner with advanced technology. While purchasing a dolphin pool cleaner, you can make sure that it includes Bluetooth access, which provides you with remote control functionality from your smartphones.

4. Budget

It’s another factor that you must consider while buying a product. There are lots of features and high-quality products but the price is also high. Hence, the budget is another constrain. Choose the product that comes in your budget.


Is it worth buying a Dolphin Robotic Pool cleaner?

Yes! Dolphin’s Automatic Pool Cleaners are the high standard cleaners. But the robotic operations means quite expensive material. If you want something working efficiently to reduce your task removing all dirt and debris, then you should go for. It keeps your swimming water healthy always.

Should you leave Pool Cleaner inside the water alone for long?

You can only leave Pool Cleaner underwater if you are not using the swimming pool for activity. But one thing you must always realize is that you should remove this pool cleaner when there is a proper balance of chlorine and PH level of the water.

How to store a robotic pool cleaner?

Make sure a robotic pool cleaner does not have direct contact with the sunlight. The temperature of storage must not exceed 40 degrees for the place where you decide to store it. Also, take care of the pool cleaner crushes such that the body does not flatten them. Otherwise, the cleaner will be of no use.

Final Verdict

So, how was the entire reading journey? Did you love this? The comment box is open for your feedback. After doing hours of deep-research and customer feedback, we prepared this list of top cleaners by Dolphin with innovative features. Similarly, we already published the Best Polaris Pool Cleaners list here. Do read that article also.

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