Best Inflatable Hot Spa Tubs

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs Review (2021)

Are you in search of the best inflatable hot tub? If yes, then luckily, you are in the right place. There is nothing more relaxing and refreshing then soaking in a hot tub. A warm bath is the ultimate treatment of our stress, physical pain, and more.

If you are feeling low or anxiety is hitting you hard or suffering from insomnia, a relaxing hot bath will act as a medicine. You can create your spa spot at your place and soak into the calm and relaxed state of these perfect inflated hot tubs.

Inflated hot tubs are not like a kiddie pool. They have beautiful features like heating water sanitarily, creating massaging bubbles, flattening for secure storage when not in use, and more.

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs

A hectic, tiring day at work is no longer going to affect you when you have a refreshing and energizing hit bathtub at home!

There is a vast list of inflatable hot tubs from different manufacturers with different features and quality, which confuses the buyers.

Taking this thing into consideration after long hours of research, we have shortlisted the best out of the best ten inflated hot tubs currently in the market. Our readers get the worth of what they spend is our only aim.

So, go through the list below and find the one that fits in your requirements and budget!

1. Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

Best Inflatable Hot Tub

There are many reasons that Spa is ruling since ancient times. Getting a hot tub spa with your friends or family will be the ultimate dose of energy after a long tiring week. Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is all you need to make your weekend more exciting and energizing.

The unique features of this tub forced us to put it on the top in the list. With the capacity to hold 4 to 6 people and 242 gallons of water. To give you real Spa feel it has jet project bubbles that will massage your body.

To save your money, it has a power-saving timer and the digital control panel to control the jet pressure. You can create a relaxing oasis in your backyard with the help of its massage system.

It’s a spa with a multifunctional pump that regulates the filtration system and keeps the water clean.

The inbuilt Chemconnect chemical dispenser sprays the required level of chlorine to keep the water fresh and healthy. It retains its shape as many times as you use it. The walls of Spa are robust UV and puncture resistant.


  • Combination Air and Heat Massgae.
  • Multifunctional spa pump.
  • Chemconnect dispenser.
  • Beam construction.
  • Includes Coleman SaluSpa Cover and two filter cartridges.
  • Easy control digital panel.
  • Robust and durable material.
  • Power saving timer.
  • Easy assembly.
  • It takes significant amount of time to heat-up.

2. Bestway SaluSpa Airjet Plus Hot Tub

Bestway Airjet Plus Hot Tub

Here is the second most recommended bat tub in our list with its distinctive features, which will change all your perspectives towards bathtubs. This bathtub is spacious enough to hold six adults for fun, enjoyable Spa together.

It is the most unique and advances tub, which can be controlled with a Bestway Smart Hub App in a few swipes on your smartphone.

You can control the timer, massage system, temperature, and filter on your smartphone! The easy to access digital control panel allows the water to heat up to 104 degrees F for a refreshing Spa.

It has an excellent capability of releasing air bubbles for a Spa-like body massage with its Soothing AitJet Plus System with 80 slots. You can activate the Power Saving Timer to save energy and money.

No matter how many times you inflate and deflate the tub, it returns to its shape. Its a highly durable, excellent quality product made of puncture-resistant Tritech material.

The ChemoConnect Chemical dispenser disperses the chlorine evenly to keep the water clean and fresh.


  • Controls with a Bestway Smart Hub App.
  • AirJet Pluss massage system.
  • Power saving timer.
  • UV Resistant Tritech material.
  • Chemconnect chemical dispenser.
  • Comes with a pump and two filter cartridges.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Durable and affordable.
  • Control with an App.
  • Assembly is quite tricky.

3. Coleman Salu Spa Tahiti Airjet Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa Hot Tub

Here is the third more recommended product on our list with extremely stunning quality. It features a digital control quality panel to control the temperature and other functions of the tub.

It measures 71″ X 26″, spacious enough to hold a minimum of two people. This air jet hot tub is puncture-resistant, so no matter how many times you inflate or deflate, it will get back to its standard shape.

The UV resistant Tritech material makes it a highly durable and robust tub. Assembly of the tub is easy and effortless.

It has an excellent capacity to hold 177 gals or 699 L of water. The ChemConnect dispenser disperses chlorine evenly to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the water.


  • An LED light.
  • A ChemConnect dispenser.
  • Two filter cartridges.
  • Puncture and UV resistant body.
  • Bubbles for massage.
  • Includes a spa pump, a pool cover and pool liner.
  • Highly durable and affordable.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate.
  • Easy temperature control.
  • Color may differ from the image.

4. Intex PureSpa 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Best Intex Spa Tub

Here is a hot tub by Intex with some high tech features and extremely classy looks. Get yourself pampered with its soothing 170 high-powered jets to get a spa-like feel and massage.

Its superb fast mechanism gives you desirable hot water within 20 minutes. It’s incredibly effortless to inflate and deflate and store or move after use.

You can control the features just by touching a button with its easy to use control panel. It’s spacious enough to hold six people comfortably. The rare hard water treatment makes the water in the tub soft and gentle on the skin.

You can adjust the temperature according to the preference with its heating system. The fiber tech construction and three-ply laminate make it more comfortable.


  • Two easy to replace filter cartridges.
  • The hard water treatment system.
  • Fibre tech construction.
  • Insulated cover and lock minimize the heat loss.
  • 170 high powered bubble jet.
  • Fast set up.
  • Hard water treatment.
  • Easy to control.
  • Two headrests for comfort.
  • Poor timer function.

5. Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable 4-Person Hot Tub

Best Hot for 4 Person

Coleman brings you one more awesome hot tub that can comfortably accommodate six adults. It’s exceptionally portable to move from indoor to outdoor and easily inflatable within a couple of minutes.

There is no need for any special tools for assembly. This tub does not stretch or puncture with the use as it is constructed with beam technology. Maintenance is straightforward with a six filter cartridge.

The cleanliness of the water is maintained with the help of chlorine chemical floater. The massage jets is perfect for curing your muscles or body pain. You can control it easily with a digital control panel without exiting from the tub.

It is easy and fasts to set up with 104 degrees F water- one of the most reliable inflated hot tubs.


  • Beam technology construction.
  • Chlorine chemical floater.
  • Powerful massage jets.
  • Digital control panel.
  • Six filter cartridges.
  • Durable with innovative build quality.
  • Spacious enough for six people.
  • Easy to control.
  • Quick heat up.
  • Quite heavy.

6. Skroutz Outdoor Portable Massage Hot Tub

Best Inflatable Spa Tub

Skroutz introduces an excellent hot tub precisely comfortable for four people which holds 210 gallons of water with a temperature range between 68 to 104 degrees.

It does not require any high-level maintenance; it comes with two easy to replace filter cartridges to maintain the cleanliness of the water. To make the water soft and gentle on the skin, it has a built-in hard water treatment system.

The chlorine dispenser evenly disperses the chlorine to keep the water clean. It’s a durable hot tub with fiber-tech construction and three-ply laminated material for a comfortable experience.

It has puncture-resistant material to enhance its durability. The efficient heating keeps the energy low energy usage. 48 Fiber tech beams give supportive, reliable walls. The extra heavy-duty grab handles make it easy to move.


  • Comes with an insulated cover and lock to minimize heat loss.
  • Heavy-duty grab handles.
  • Thick thermal protective ground cloth.
  • A 10-watt hard water system.
  • Cover straps fiber tech construction.
  • Chlorine dispenser.
  • Puncture and UV resistant.
  • Durable build quality.
  • Fast heat up.
  • Only for four adults.

7. Coleman SaluSpa 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Best 4 Person Spa Tub

Being a best seller, Coleman offers a wide variety of excellently performing hot tubs. Here is the one portable hot tub for four people. This hot tub is specially designed to take it for your vacations as its completely portable.

It quickly heats the water within a couple of minutes with its rapid heating system and 60 surrounding air jets. The digital control panel makes it extremely easy to control the temperature without exiting the tub.

Its truly durable and robust tub with its superior structure. Its made of 3-ply PVC and the I-Beam construction improves the lifespan of the hot tub. Its puncture and UV resistant. The two handles on the sides of the tub make it comfortable to carry or move.

The chemical floater keeps the water fresh and clean along with a twin pack of filter cartridges. The bubbling, along with the heating gives a comfortable massaging experience.


  • Soothing AirJet Spa.
  • Rapid Heating System.
  • Integrated water filtration.
  • Cushion floor to prevent loss of heat.
  • TriTech 3 Ply inflated walls.
  • Cover with safety lock clips .
  • Built-in air chamber.
  • Durable, puncture and UV resistant.
  • 2 Easy to lift handles.
  • Poor timer function.

8. Skroutz Hot Tub Inflatable

Best Hot Tub for Couples

Here is another surprising product from Skroutz; this hot tub has the capability of holding four adults. It comes with a three-piece cleaning toolset. Get emersed in the soothing hot water with the relaxing bubble jets.

The unique digitally controlled pump with a soft-touch control panel makes it more comfortable to access. The outer walls of the tub are of fabric coated material.

The two side lift handles make it easy to carry and move. Maintaining this tub is extremely easy with its two easy to replace filter cartridges.

The Lay Z Massage System gives a real spa-like feel. The rapid heating system heats the water within minutes.

The aluminum foil coating of the pool cover maintains the temperature of the water. The heavy-duty grab handles make movement extremely easy.

The filtration system with a filter cartridge is another desirable feature of this tub. 60 Surrounding air jets along with the digital control panel makes the adjustment of the temperature incredibly easy.


  • Digitally controlled pump.
  • 2 Easy lift handles.
  • Two easy to replace filter cartridges.
  • Cushioned floor with a drain valve.
  • Mosaic print pool liner.
  • Lay Z massage system.
  • Rapid heating system.
  • Heavy-duty repair patch.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Quite small.

9. Intex 4-Person PureSpa Hot Tub

Best Intex Inflatable Hot Tub

Here is the classy looking hot tub to make your yard look more elegant and royal. The Intex PureSpa hot tub has incredible features like a built-in hard water treatment system to make the water soft and gentle on the skin.

The maintenance of this Spa is effortless with its two easy to replace filter cartridges for a refreshing and energizing bath.

It has a holding capacity of four people and 210 gallons of water. To ensure fast heating and less use of energy, it has a deluxe cover. The floating pool chlorine dispenser keeps the water clean and fresh.


  • The hard water treatment system.
  • Two easy to replace filter cartridges.
  • Floating pool chlorine dispenser.
  • Deluxe energy-efficient cover.
  • Bubble massage spa.
  • Thermal ground cloth.
  • Inflation hose.
  • Rapid heating system.
  • Portable.
  • Assembly is quite difficult.

10. Rasika 4 Person Portable Hot Tub

Best Cheap Spa Tub

Forget about all your physical pain and anxiety if you have this affordable inflatable hot tub! This hot tub needs no high-level maintenance with an easy to replace filter cartridges.

Enjoy with your family or friends in this hot tub with a holding capacity of 4 people. The carry bag with this tub makes its transport and storage effortless. All your muscles or body pain will fade away with its heated water and soothing 130 high powered bubble jet.

The hard water treatment system assures you with soft and gentle water. You can adjust the heating system according to your preferences. The easy to control panel makes the use and access exceptionally effortless.

This tub has all the essential features at an affordable price, being one of the best inflated hot tubs in the market.


  • 130 high powered bubble jets.
  • The hard water treatment system.
  • Digitally controlled pump.
  • Outer walls of fabric coated material.
  • Filter cartridges.
  • Insulated ground cloth.
  • Inflation hose.
  • Adjustable heating system.
  • Easy to control panel.
  • Portable and durable.
  • Does not have side handles to hold.

Final Verdict

We are neglecting our healths with our hectic schedules and advance technology; we all need something to relax and maintain our physical as well as mental health.

There can be nothing better than soaking into a hot tub, as it does not have any side-effects. Inflated hot tubs are easy to maintain and are much reliable and affordable.

If you are deciding to bring an inflated hot tub, then you are at the right track. Its a ultimate much needed healthy dose.

All the above given are the best inflated hot tubs with all the mandatory features, exceptional performance, better quality and affordable rates.

So, no longer wait to make your weekends more happening and fun with your loved ones by bringing any of the above given hot tub!

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