Best Pool Brushes: 2022 Review

Searching for the best pool brush can be pretty challenging as you can find many products offering similar features in the same price range. 

If you look upon the internet or look for the right brush out in the market, you will find plenty of products. It is always a tough call regarding which one to pick, especially when looking for products online.

Furthermore, choosing things gets even more difficult when you see confusing terminologies and some product descriptions are misleading. 

But guess what, we got you covered from all that, as we value your time and want you to pick your product quickly. In this article we have shared our top five pool cleaning brushes that you should know about. Also, we have shared a buying guide, just in case you have never shopped for a pool cleaning brush!

So, if you are looking forward to getting yourself a pool cleaning brush, give this article a read!

Table of Contents 

  1. [Best High-End] – Milliard 18″ Hybrid Pool Brush 
  2. [Best Overall Pool Brush] – Wall Whale Algae Pool Brush 
  3. [Value for Money] –  Blue Devil Wall Pool Brush 
  4. [Best Budget] – Aquatix Pro Pool Brush 
  5. [Best Budget]  – Poolmaster 18’’ Algae Pool Brush 

Best Five Pool Brushes

Here are some pool-cleaning brushes that can help you clean all of that dirt and algae from your pool. 

Best Choice For Vinyl Lined Pools
  • Description:
    • Stiff nylon bristles are effective against stubborn buildup, but are gentle on vinyl or painted surfaces.
    • Designed specifically for use with above-ground vinyl pool liners.

Best Overall
  • Description:
    • The tail holds the brush against the wall with more than 10x the force
    • Brush with one hand

Value For Money
  • Description:
    • FLEXIBLE: Designed with poly bristles to help reach the toughest corners
    • DURABLE: Crafted to last for several years of quality use

Best Budget
  • Description:
    • COMPATIBLE: Designed to be compatible with most standard pool poles (pole not included).

Stainless Steel Brush
  • Description:
    • For cleaning algae stains on gunite pools with hard surface finish
    • Features die-cast aluminum back and handle for durability
    • Stainless steel bristles aid in removing tough algae stains

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#1 Milliard 18″ Hybrid Pool Brush [Best Choice for Vinyl Lined Pools]

If you are looking for a pool cleaning brush that gently cleans your pool, you should grab this 17.5″ pool brush from Milliard.

Another striking feature is that this brush comes with a width of 17.5 inches, helping you clean a large area in minimal time. Again, this brush features curved edges, making it incredibly easy to reach and clean corners and curves.

Gentle, But Firm Vinyl tears easily, and paint chips if you start scrubbing it with harsh brushes, so the nylon bristles in brush are tough on pool buildup, but gentle on liners and painted surfaces.

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#2 Wall Whale Algae Pool Brush [Best Overall]

When it comes to the best pool brushes that can reduce human effort and helps you clean your pool with maximum efficiency; no wonder that algae pool brush by Wall Whale is the best!

So, what makes this brush so good? This algae pool brush boasts of a whale tail-like clip that holds on to the brush, and this tail is responsible for creating a greater downforce while you push it down the side of your pool. Yes, the force you put in, the tail maximizes it for better results. 

Another plus point of purchasing this pool brush is that it helps clean your pool by using one hand. Brushing the pool using this brush will need your arms and shoulders while using a regular brush will need both hands, and cleaning in such a way can be very painful. 

Not just this, this brush offers better compatibility; you can attach the brush to any pole. And this brush features superior nylon bristles, offering better longevity. However, this brush is the best for cleaning steps, but if you wish to clean the rest much faster, get a hold of this brush today!

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#3 Blue Devil Wall Pool Brush [Value for Money]

If you are someone who wishes to save a couple of bucks on your purchase. No wonder the Blue Devil Wall Brush should be your product. 

Grabbing this product is a great deal. The Blue Devil Wall comes with a reinforced metal frame that provides the brush with strength so that it can clean off the pool walls. Metal-backing provides the brush with extra support and strength; hence, this brush will clean much easier than other products. 

Its specialty does not lie in that extra piece of metal support, but also, this brush offers better compatibility. You can attach the brush to any pole. You can use the newly bought brush with your old pole if you wish. The width of this brush is about 18-long inches, i.e., it can help you clean your pool much faster without putting in much effort. 

So, if you are looking for a brush that has enhanced cleaning abilities but is not that pricy, we suggest you opt for this product. You will not be disappointed; trust me on this!

This product is great, but this pool cleaning brush also has a downside like other products. This brush may work great in cleaning your pool, but its performance will deteriorate if you use it on rounded surfaces, making it an inappropriate pick for some pools. 

This brush is no less than any other high-end pool cleaning brush and can serve you for a long time!

Value For Money
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#4 Aquatix Pro Pool Brush [Best Budget]

If you wish to get a proper pool cleaning brush being gentle on your pocket at the same time, we suggest you try out the Aquatix Pro Pol Brush; you will not be disappointed, for sure! Of course, this product comes second-last on this list, but still, it is one of the best pool cleaning brushes of this year!

The Aquatix Pro Pool Brush comes with a reinforced metal frame. This frame is responsible for providing the brush with adequate stability and some downforce. The brush has a width of 18 inches, allowing you to clean your pool with just a few strokes compared to narrow brushes. The brush also features curved edges that are expected to help you clean better around the curves and corners. 

Well, the bristles on this brush are parallel to each other. This could be an issue as it makes it difficult to clean around the corners as they will not be reaching the gap. In addition to this, this brush is reported to suffer badly from shedding issues, resulting in less clean-up work.

The price for this model is very affordable, and it may appear like it is worth it, but honestly, if you look more, there are better alternatives available within this price. 

But, if you are looking for a brush that saves time, is compatible with other poles, and increases cleaning efficiency, you can get your hands on this brush without question. 

Best Budget
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#5 Poolmaster 18’’ Algae Pool Brush [Best Stainless Steel Brush]

If you wish to get rid of all that algae in your pool, I bet the Poolmaster Aluminum Back Algae Brush can help you get rid of that algae out of the pool. 

Yes, this brush from Poolmaster features stainless steel bristles. When it comes to clean materials, steel bristles are the strongest, and you are less likely to find steel bristles on any other pool cleaning brush. 

The brush is 18 inches wide, which can help you cover a larger area.

Covering a larger area at a point in time can fasten the cleaning process with minimal effort compared to conventional pool cleaning brushes with narrow configurations. 

Again, the brush is supported by a reinforced frame made of aluminum, making it way lightweight and a strong brush against algae. Again, having such specifications extends its useable life. 

Here is a consideration, you cannot use this brush over fiberglass or vinyl liners. Using such brushes will scratch them, and you will rip them off. Not only that, you cannot use this brush against pools that have a soft finishing. Hence, brushes with steel bristles can only be used in limited circumstances. 

Although it is not that bad of a pool brush, it is just that certain users can only use this brush! So, if you think you are having a tough time dealing with all that algae, grab one of these brushes today!

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How to Choose the Best Cleaning Brush for Your Pool: Buying Guide

Of course, choosing the appropriate product is quite a challenging task if you have never shopped for a pool cleaning brush. But, do not worry. Here is the buying guide for you that can help you shop confidently. When choosing your pool cleaning brush, you need to consider the three most important factors. 

When looking for a proper brush, the most important factor you should prioritize is its cleaning power. There are many products available, and you can find some models with extra features that boost the downforce and make the cleaning a bit hassle-free. Also, you will find brushes that use aluminum or steel bristles to improve the cleaning ability. Indeed, the strong the materials, the better, but they can potentially damage the pools. 

Another important sign of a quality pool cleaning brush is durability. The longer the brush lasts, the better value you will get. There are plenty of brush types; choose the brush with metal or aluminum bristles. These brushes last much longer but are pretty costly. Under any circumstances, do not choose a brush that has shedding issues. 

The remaining factor is the size of the brush. The width of the pool cleaning brush is often overlooked, but it is very much important. When looking for pool cleaning brushes, you will find brushes of different sizes. Smaller brushes come cheaper but take a lot of time and effort, while a brush with a good width can cover a large area, reduce effort, and save time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you clean or brush your pool?

To keep your pool free of algae, it is recommended to clean your pool at least once in every two weeks. This helps keep your pool nice and shiny, and following such a routine cleaning reduces the chances of algae formation.

Should I keep the pool pump turned on while brushing the pool?

Yes! You should always keep the pool pump on while you brush. This is because the dirt you brush off needs to be removed, and this is why you should keep your pool pump running.

Should I use a stainless steel brush for cleaning a plaster pool?

Before you use a stainless steel brush for cleaning a plaster pool, you should know that steel brushes tend to be very aggressive to plaster pools.

Instead, you can use nylon brushes!


Now that you have read this blog post here, I hope that y0u have figured out your pick by now! If you have not figured things out yet, check our buying guide, it will help you choose the pool cleaning brush you wish to purchase! 

Every product mentioned in this article is unique; however, we chose the Wall Whale Algae Pool Brush as our top pick! You can either buy our top pick, or you may choose any other product listed in the article. 

The goal is to get a brush that reduces effort and cleans effortlessly!

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