Best Removable Pool Fence- Top Picks

Everyone aspires to live in a house that has a swimming pool and if you are living that dream then congratulations! Owning a pool is the most satisfying thing ever, especially in summers. The feeling of chilling with your family and friends by the pool is unbeatable. However, having a pool means having more responsibilities.

Apart from cleaning and maintaining the pool, the most important thing to prevent is accidental drowning. If you have kids in your house then you must know how terrifying it is when they sneak out to the pool alone. To avoid any unfortunate incidents, it is always better to opt for the pool fence.

This way, you can enjoy the pool when you want to and be carefree even when you are not at home. Since there are a lot of brands that sell pool fences, it can get difficult to narrow down your choices. We are here to help you in finding the best removable pool fence so let’s get started.

Best Removable Pool Fence

Best Removable Pool Fence

These are the top 5 removable pool fence for safety-

  1. Happybuy Removable Pool Fence
  2. TANG Pool Fence for Inground Pools
  3. Coarbor Removable Safety Pool Fence
  4. E&K Privacy Pool Fence For Inground Pools
  5. Windscreen4less Outdoor Safety Pool Fence

1. Happybuy Removable Pool Fence

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Our first choice is this pool fence for inground pools by Happybuy. The company boasts of sturdy construction and excellent built materials. With a powder-coated aluminium foot tube along with Teslin grid fabric, the product is long-lasting and will not crack easily.

Being 4 feet high, it is perfect for protecting the kids, animals and family members from entering the pool. Also, the foot tubes are attached to the ground firmly while the hooks hold the fence together perfectly.

Even if the weather is windy, the hooks are sturdy enough to stand strong. From breathable premium fabric to close connection, you get everything in this product. This fence can be rolled up and stored when you are not using it.


  • Assembling can be done by a single person.
  • Sections can be shortened to fit your swimming pool.
  • Great stability and high-quality hooks.
  • Can be used in villas, gardens, patios as well as swimming pools.
  • Perfect for the security of your family.


  • The gate could be designed in a better way.

2. TANG Pool Fence for In-ground Pools

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Our next pick is this fence by Tang that is highly durable and will last you for years to come. It has a customized length that varies from 1ft to 150ft. With a pole space of 4ft, there is nothing more you can ask from a product.

Moreover, the pole sleeves stay in the ground so you can take out the fence anytime you want. Since the poles are made up of aluminium alloy and the fabric is UV resistant as well as breathable, it is sturdy and holds its ground in every weather.


  • The product is very easy to install, take out and store.
  • Arrives with pole caps, fence section, sleeves, sleeve caps, and templates.
  • Protects your kids and dog from getting in the pool.
  • Multipurpose; can be used in gardens, villas, and pools.


  • Gates are sold separately.

3. Coarbor Removable Safety Pool Fence

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Coarbor is yet another great brand that is great for inground pools. This product is a perfect blend of style as well as sturdiness. With the poles constructed with aluminium alloy and the fabric made up of polyethene, the product is highly durable.

Also, the fence is heat resistant and can stand any weather. All you have to do to install this fence is to hammer the spikes into the dirt and inject them into the poles. Moreover, each section consists of 5 poles that are spaced at every 4 feet.


  • Easy to install, take off and then restore.
  • Excellent construction material that ensures the high quality of the fence.
  • Can be used as a backyard dividing fence, poultry fence, garden fence, and swimming fence.
  • Light in weight so you will not have trouble while installing it or taking it down.


  • Ground spikes and sold separately.

4. E&K Privacy Pool Fence for Inground Pools

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E&K privacy pool fence is a simple fence that will add to the security of your swimming pool. Each panel is 6 feet high and 16 feet long with five poles. To ensure top-notch quality, the poles are made up of aluminium alloy.

Since it arrives with an underground plastic sleeve, the fence can be easily rolled up and stored. What we love the most about this product is that it requires minimum maintenance. Plus, this fence is a one-time investment as it is highly durable and will last you forever.


  • Outstanding built-in material that makes the dense sturdy.
  • Installation is a piece of cake and can be done by a single person.
  • Serves as poultry, chicken, dog, rabbit fence and also protects the swimming pool.


  • The fence gate and underground anchor spikes have to be purchased separately.

5. Windscreen4less Outdoor Safety Pool Fence

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The next product on our list has to be this fence by Windscreen4less. Whether you wish to protect the pool from animals, kids and toys or want to separate your yard from your neighbour’s yard, this product is simply perfect for all purposes.

If the fence is to be put on a hard ground then the package is included with the product. Being light in weight, it is easy to take the fence down and store it without any effort. Also, the fabric is breathable and is heat resistant as well.


  • The product arrives with a fence section, sleeves, sleeve caps, pole caps, drilling template as well as an installation guide.
  • Installing the fence is super easy and a hassle-free process.
  • Study in design, visually pleasing so the aesthetics of your swimming pool remain undisturbed.


  • Not suitable for every weather.

Best Pool Fence Buying Guide

There are certain factors that you need to consider before finalizing a pool fence. Here are some important things that you need to be mindful of:

1. Type of fence

From mesh pool fences to wooden pool fences, the options are endless. However, it is recommended to opt for a fence that requires minimum maintenance and looks good as well. For instance, glass fences or steel fences would not be an ideal choice as they are expensive and need constant care.

2. Self-closing gate

Go for a fence that has self-latching gates. Such gates have magnetic properties and will shut automatically. Even if you forget to close the gate for some reason, it will close on its own so your kids and pets are protected because that’s the entire purpose of putting up a fence.

3. Mesh

Ensure that the mesh is strong and durable. If the mesh is weak, your kids or pets will be inside the fence with just one push on the mesh. See to it that it can handle a little weight and also returns to its original state after it gets a tear.

Moreover, the mesh should be easy to clean, heat resistant so the harmful UV rays do not affect it much as well as sturdy.

4. Poles

Before buying any product, go through the built materials of the poles. It should be triple reinforced to provide the ultimate support. Plus, the less distance there is between two poles, the better it is going to be. Look for products that use aluminium alloy for their poles.

5. Rounded Edge

The product should not have sharp edges as it can hurt anyone accidentally. Round edges are the best and safest. If possible, go for stainless steel crews to prevent them from rusting.


Do check out these products before you land any pool fence. Enhance the security of your swimming pool and be stress-free at all times. Take the fence out when you are planning a pool party and keep it on other times for safety purposes.

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