Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Pool Cleaner – Buying Guide 2022

Dolphin pool cleaner are best-in-class robotic pool cleaners They offer sparkling clean pools with minimal effort and time. While it is advantageous on one side where you get to enjoy a perfectly made machine for your exact needs, the excessive classification does pose a selection challenge.

The accompanying buying guide gives you a better picture of what you should look for in a robotic pool cleaner.


5 Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner 

Keep reading to find the best dolphin pool cleaner without running through the complete list of models. We aim to present you with great features and good value for your money.

#1 Dolphin Premier – Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner is highly versatile, as it can perform a wide variety of operations. It can cover most of the pool cleaning needs starting from scrubbing the algae to removing leaves. Its optimization facility and clever cleaning algorithm make it a top-notch robotic pool cleaner among the Dolphin robotic pool cleaners.

Best High End
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As you can utilize a bag or multiple cartridges with this robot pool cleaner, you can customize it for many needs. It is not only a highly efficient robotic pool cleaner but also the best when compared with pool cleaners that use a pool pump system. A 3-year warranty offered with this cleaner is mention-worthy.

Though it is a bit pricey, its users agree that they got the best service for every penny they spent on it. You get premium features such as an anti-tangle cable, built-in weekly scheduler, three filter types, smart navigation, etc.

It is suitable for cleaning swimming pools of up to 50 feet. Cleaning the walls and waterline is a breeze using this dolphin robotic pool cleaner. This robot pool cleaner can work on the floors and the walls of pools made of granite, vinyl, and fiberglass. It offers a complete off-hand experience with its plug-and-play design and the high-tech features you get.

Despite the dual scrubbing brushes, it consumes 90% less energy than suction and pressure cleaners. Finally, its hyper grip dual tracks that help its stability are worth mentioning.

Very easy to useRequires manual programming every week.
Multiple filter options
Powerful dual scrub brushes

#2 Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus – Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus pool cleaner is another most preferred product of the Dolphin brand. It comes with smart-scanning technology that identifies and cleans the messy areas with extra attention as it keeps track of areas already cleaned.

Its simple two-buttoned programmable interface helps you schedule the cleaning cycle beforehand using its automatic functioning. You can set it for every day, or every 2 or 3 days a week. Dolphin Nautilus CC is highly energy efficient. Since it costs less than the above model but still offers most high-tech features, many consider it a feasible option.

This robot pool cleaner comes with dual filter cartridges with a top-load facility. It effectively cleans both the walls and the floor of the in-ground swimming pools. Though few users use it for above ground pools, it needs to be considered case by case of the make and model of the swimming pool.

All the debris in your pool is cleaned, and your pool wall is scrubbed just in two hours using this pool cleaner. It can work for up to 50 feet sized swimming pools. The users will appreciate its easy setup and unsupervised cleaning facility.

As it scans and maps the pool, your cleaner does not miss a spot. Most pool owners complain that their robot pool cleaners get stuck in their cables. However, Dolphin Nautilus CC comes with a tangle-free cable that swivels freely around the cleaner, allowing it to move smoothly.

Dual scrubbing brushes for easy cleaningCannot clean steps
Comes with 3 settings
Ideal for in-ground swimming pools

#3 Dolphin Escape Pool Vacuum

It is one of the most used above ground pool vacuums. This Dolphin pool cleaner weighs only 14 pounds making it easier to put it into the pool and remove it from the pool. Its large capacity cartridge has ample room to accommodate debris from multiple cleanings. So, you do not need to empty it after every cleaning session. Also, cleaning the filter cartridge is super easy.

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One thing to note is that this pool vacuum does not come with fine particle filtration by default. However, you can purchase it separately to use it with the filtration basket for better filtration.

Unlike most vacuums for above ground pools that feature only essential functions, Dolphin Escape comes with digital mapping technology. The SmartNav 2.0 navigation system guides it smartly across the pool surface. Compared to its older models, it is also energy efficient as the cleaner does not move randomly. The highlights of this pool vacuum are the suction range of 4000 GPH, 30 feet cleaning suitability, Hypergrip threads, and quiet operation.

In short, this pool vacuum has the benefits of powerful Dolphin pool vacuums used for in-ground pool cleaning but comes in smaller sizes to use them conveniently in above ground pools. 

The active dual brush system acts like a scrubbing mechanism that cleans the debris effectively and takes care of the toughest dirt. It is lightweight allows it to climb the pool walls in a few pool types.

Great for above ground poolsNot durable
Huge debris cartridges to collect dirt without getting messyExpensive
Hyperbrush dual scrubbing brushes for superior cleaning

#4 Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme robotic pool cleaner has superior filtering capabilities. Its triple brushing action cleans the swimming pool floors squeaky clean. If you have very little time for cleaning, this ultra-fast pool cleaner is your go-to solution.

It comes with innovative mapping software that helps smart navigation reduce repetitive movements and optimize the cleaning path. As it is wi-fi operated, you can also operate it from inside the house. You can choose spot cleaning, automate cleaning schedules, delay start, or set advance cleaning schedules using MyDolphin Plus app and Wi-Fi.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is like a dream come true for most pool owners, but you need to invest a considerable amount in this State-of-art technology-based pool cleaner. Its highly powerful motors are mention-worthy.

The ease of use, low power consumption, and high convenience it offers are its positive qualities. Since it reaches every nook and corner, including the waterline, pool floor, and pool walls, you need not spend additional time looking for missed places.

As it works independently, i.e., does not depend on your pool system, you need not worry about the external factors. You only spend 5 cents per hour using this pool cleaner, the most energy-efficient pool cleaner in the large pool cleaner section.

Equipped with powerful motors, three scrubbing brushes, and superior filtering capabilitiesNo manual override when not connected to Wi-Fi
Interactive pool cleaning with Wi-Fi connectivity
Very easy to use

#5 Dolphin Oasis Z5i – Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Oasis Z5i is a high-performance Dolphin model. It is a very powerful pool cleaner with advanced features. This cleaner is suitable for in-ground pools of up to 50 feet. While it is expensive, it does offer a supreme cleaning experience.

Though it comes with a Bluetooth feature, it is still not the well-appreciated one because of its connectivity lag issues. Features such as powerful suction, dual scrubbing brushes, ultra-fine debris filter, and fine filter are impressive.

You can load the cartridges from the top, allowing easy access to insert or remove them for cleaning—the large traction tracks aid in covering every inch of the pool, including the waterline.

Each track is independently operated using a dual drive motor. Especially when navigating through thigh areas, this improved mobility helps in enhanced pool coverage. The swivel cable helps keep the robot from tangling up when the robot is moving in the pool.

The weekly scheduler can be set to auto-clean like any other robot pool cleaner. Based on the gap required before your pool gets dirty, you can set it to clean daily or every 2 or 3 days. Since it is a bit on the heavy side, purchasing a Dolphin pool cleaner caddy can help move it without any difficulty. Another advantage of having a caddy is that it keeps the brushes from squishing under their weight when put on the ground.

Ideal for in- ground poolsExpensive
Interactive pool cleaning with Wi-Fi connectivity
Comes with superior filtering capabilities for faster and easier cleaning

Why Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Pool cleaning is a continuous process, and calling pool cleaning services from time to time adds up to high costs as time goes by. So, most pool owners opt to own a pool cleaner. Now the question is which one to go with? Pressure cleaner, suction cleaner, or robotic cleaner?

Each has its advantages, but robotic cleaners have the higher edge as they are automatic, save you time, clean effectively, and require little to no effort. However, the catch here is they are also expensive, but the convenience and comfort they offer simply outweigh the cost factor.

Let us look into the advantages the robotic pool cleaners offer.


Robot pool cleaners act without the need for total supervision. They run automatically once you put them in the pool and switch them on. Apart from changing filters and emptying the bags, you do nothing else.

This saves you from a lot of scrubbing and back bending effort. It is also a boon to people who have physical limitations. They can enjoy a clean pool without the need to waste their energy.


You can hook up your robotic pool cleaner and still do your chores as your pool gets cleaned. Unlike pressure cleaners or suction cleaners, which need handholding now and then, robotic pool cleaners are smart and do not take up your time.

Spotless Cleaning

These robotic pool cleaners have smart navigation technology, dirt sensing capability, and excellent filtration systems. This means the pool cleaner does not miss a spot, scrubs out tough spots if necessary, and sucks out all the debris.

Reduced Chemicals

Using robotic cleaners, Pools require fewer chemicals and are well cleaned and filtered using an ultra-fine filter basket. The superior filtering capabilities can capture large and small debris efficiently. This ensures the pool is clean and does not require an extra load of chemicals to keep it that way. If you are concerned about the environment, these pool cleaners help you live it effectively.

Prolongs Pool Pump Life

Many pool cleaners depend on the pool pump to power them. Robotic cleaners run using their power source, which avoids putting pressure on your pool pump. As they are not overworked, pool pumps and filters appreciate the extra durability.

How to Choose the Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner?

Apart from the pool size, pool type, and usage, the most important features to consider before purchasing a Dolphin pool cleaner are listed below.

What can the Dolphin robotic pool cleaners do?

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are advanced robot pool cleaners loaded with smart technology. They are equipped with sensors and navigation facilities that get better and better as you move to high-end models. Dolphin cleaners have hi-tech features but differ in their efficiency based on the cost of the robotic cleaner.

Compared to the hoses other pool cleaners such as pressure and suction-side pool cleaners use, the cords of robotic pool cleaners are thin. This allows them to move freely without getting tangled. Also, the swivel facility they come with makes them more flexible.

However, steps and waterline cleaning are tricky for some Dolphin pool cleaners. Pressure pool cleaners are good in this section. So, weigh your options and choose the one that fits your needs better based on your priority.

Different Filter Choices

Dolphin robotic pool cleaner comes with various filter choices. The two main filter categories are classified into more subtypes, offering a flexible choice. Most robotic pool cleaners have cartridge filters on them. They are usually present inside the cleaner.

You just need to pop open the lid on the pool cleaner and clean the filter for a fresh run. These filters are durable for years when cared for properly, and it is important to maintain them as they are expensive to replace. Dolphin cleaners sometimes come with soft-sided filters or bags. They come in a similar placement to the cartridges or are placed externally.

Cartridges can accommodate much debris, like up to 1 to 2 cleaning sessions. However, bags have better capacity and are inexpensive. You can switch between the filters based on the job. For instance, if you have a vigorous clean-up with some large and small, sharp debris like twigs, then a bag is a good choice. They are less expensive if they need to be replaced.

The fine-particulate filter is for serious dirt issues, and regular filters catch the floating debris. You get both these subtypes in the cartridge and bad model filters. You can use them as per your pool cleaning requirements.

Which Dolphin pool cleaner is right for you?

The excellent warranties and the long durability are synonymous with Dolphin pool cleaners. When you look at the price tag, they might seem expensive momentarily, but you will find them worth every dime once you own one. The convenience, time-saving, and effortlessness are all well worth the price.

Though you get a wide range of price options In Dolphin cleaners, the lower-end models are not loaded with top-notch smart technologies. So, you need to balance the price factor and the features you need before you purchase the robotic pool cleaner. First, note down your pool type, Pool floor material, dimensions, and cleaning expectations, and then match them to the pool cleaner.

Why Buy A Dolphin Pool Cleaner?

Despite being the best, Dolphin pool cleaners are also expensive. Getting to know more about these pool cleaners disperses all your misconceptions about their price and helps you understand how they justify your investment in them.


Dolphin pool cleaners are manufactured by Maytronics, which has been well-versed in robotic pool cleaners for the last few decades. For several years, their products in the market proudly boast of high reliability and long-lastingness. Dolphin pool cleaners are no different. These pool cleaners tend to run for 5-7 years when maintained timely under proper supervision. Even though they are low maintenance and can survive long gaps between services, getting these done when they are due is important. You can enjoy the pool cleaners for several years without trouble when you follow the proper service routine.

Superior Quality

It comprises parts that last long, i.e., up to the mark of its durability. This ensures that the pool cleaner functions efficiently until the end without component replacement. Otherwise, you will be looking at constant repairs, which is not the case with the pool vacuums. In other robot vacuums, motor failure is common and is an expensive repair. However, it is not an issue with Dolphin pool cleaners as even their motor functions well without failing till the intended period.

Sparkling  Clean Results

From affordable to high-end models, every Dolphin pool cleaner is known for one thing in common, i.e., their exceptional cleaning output. Powerful suction and well-designed scrubbing brushes help these pool cleaners to achieve such results. It is not only important to scrub the swimming pool clean but also important to cover every place. Smart navigation helps in this regard to optimize the cleaning path performance.

Worth the Money

When comparing the price rather than checking it with other models, you will get a better idea if you compare it with the services these cleaners offer. These robotic pool cleaners eliminate the need for expensive professional cleaning services for most cleaning actions.

Even if you plan to do it yourself, consider the time and effort you need to clean them. Either way, it is a good deal, especially when you use it for years to come. Rather than investing in cheap models and buying several of them every few years, Buying one Dolphin pool cleaner will make a lot of difference. In the long run, Dolphin pool cleaners offer a greater service period than their counterparts, making them worth your money.

Easy Maintenance

Many consider the ease of use important, but we say that even easy maintenance is very important. If maintenance is difficult, then it will also be a lot of extra work, which you wanted to avoid in the first place by buying a robotic cleaner.

Cleaning and maintaining the filters involves flipping a cap open, removing the filter, cleaning it, and putting it back. What can be easier than that? You can start with a fresh filter basket every time without whining over the challenges of emptying it.


What source do Dolphin pool cleaner use?

As they do not operate with the help of a garden hose or pool pump system, they do not need any installation. They utilize the electrical power of their own and do not depend on any other factor related to the pool. This also ensures that there is no external influence interrupting their efficient functioning.

You need to use a GFCI outlet to connect the power unit before dropping the cleaner in the pool. It comes with its motor, brush, and vacuum enabling it to function independently in all aspects.

How does a Dolphin pool cleaner remove the debris?

The advanced brush technology scrubs the pool floor to loosen the dirt. Its powerful suction sucks the debris into the cleaner, where the filter captures them for us to remove and clean it. The robotic pool cleaner then moves on to the next cleaning spot using a smart navigation system. It repeats the process till the complete pool is cleaned.

What are the common issues in Dolphin Pool Cleaner?

Sometimes very trivial causes are responsible for causing issues in the running of the robotic pool cleaner. Checking for these common yet fixable issues causing an obstacle can be something stuck in the vacuum ports, brushes, or tracks. Once you clean them, the pool cleaner can run as usual if that is the issue.

Sometimes if you forget to empty the filter or clean it, it will not clean or does not move to show the full filter indication. Pull out the vacuum, empty the filter, clean it, and put it back. Hopefully, the pool cleaner should start working.

Always refer to the manual to perform any troubleshooting. If you can still not fix it, it is better to call professional help.

Final Words

It is tricky to pick one Dolphin robotic pool cleaner as they all are the best in their destined parameters. So, here is a gist of the 5 products we mentioned above to make your choice a little easier. Dolphin Premier Robotic is top-notch because of its 3-year warranty, bag or cartridge filter usage option, and great cleaning output.

Coming to Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, its top-load filter cartridges facility, easy programming, and energy efficiency are its highlights. The dolphin escape pool vacuum is one of the best above ground pool vacuums known for lightweight and efficient cleaning.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme has an advanced navigation system and a swivel cord that does not let it tangle. Finally, Dolphin Oasis Z5i, with its smartphone connectivity and clever scan to the clean system, is appreciable.