4 Ways to To Get Algae Out Of The Pool Without a Vacuum?

Nothing disturbs more than having stale water in the pool. The stale water may have caused due to many reasons, and one of them is the presence of algae.

We all love to enjoy the pool in the summer or any occasional events, but the algae will convert water into an unhygienic liquid that seems so ghastly to even touch.

The water covered with algae needs to be treated carefully otherwise your excitement of joy from the pool would convert into a distressing incident. The simple thing to do is; clean the pool from time to time.

Let’s face it; it is easier said than done. No matter how hard you try, you cannot clean the pool from time to time due to a fast-paced lifestyle.

The use of a vacuum is another simple idea to clean the pool. Vacuum is a comparatively costly option and what if you are not able to maintain the vacuum

The filters for the pool are not sufficient to clear the gathered debris at the bottom of the pool so with filters you will be again back to square one.

Now, as you have learned that the pool filters and vacuum are not enough to clean the pool, let me draw light on some of the other methods to get algae out of the pool.

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How To Get Algae Out Of Pool Without A Vacuum?

Get Algae Out Of Pool

There are many kinds of algae that are found in the pool. Some types of algae are found at the bottom of the wall.

Some are found floating on the water, some are found on the side walls of the pool, and some are found as a product of debris under the water of the pool.

No matter where you find your algae; with the below simple methods, you can get algae out of the pool.

1. Remove Algae With Skimmer

The common and most adopted technique that people use is; to remove algae with a skimmer or net. You may need to put extra hours into this method but you will leave with the best results of clean water.

You can add barley straw that will release chemicals to kill algae. Here are some best pool skimmers reviewed by our team.

2. Remove Algae With Hand & Filters

You can use extra tools like a garden hose and with the help of filters, you can get algae out of the pool. The filter itself should be cleaned.

With filters, you can even remove algae, which is congregated at the bottom of the pool. The use of a filter is a time-consuming process and if you had enough time in your hand then you would not have been in the cleaning process in the first place.

The less time-consuming method is the use of a brush. To get the algae out from the wall of the pool, you can use brushes.

The brush is a simple tool that you will find easily anywhere. The easy-to-use tool can be applied to the pool by anyone.

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3. Shock The Pool Water

The shock method is a useful and cheap method to remove algae from the pool. It requires tools like hand gloves, eyewear, bucket, and Calcium hypochlorite pool shock.

One pound of shock is a mixture of chemical-calcium hypochlorite with water. When the mixed chemical is splashed into the water, and the filter running for 12 hours; it will kill algae effortlessly.

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4. Use Algaecide

You can use algaecide that is a wonderful way to kill algae. The first thing first, is to determine the type of algae resting in your pool. After discovering a type of algae, you need to apply suitable algaecide.

Unique algaecide kills the unique algae. To remove dirty water, algaecide splits up till it cleans the water. This is also one of the less time-consuming methods to get the algae out of the pool without a vacuum.

Thus, with algaecide, chemical water, filters, skimmers, and shock method you can get the algae out of the pool.

Different types of methods consume different types of time and money. You cannot run away from cleaning your own pool.

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Precautionary Steps To Stop Algae Formation In The Pool

Pool Skimmer

As earlier stated, it is difficult to manage spare time to clean the pool on time to time basis.

But if you won’t clean it up on regular basis then you need to consume time in getting algae out of the pool. So what would you choose?

To manage some time and clean the pool regularly? Or to snatch time out of your busy schedule and then get algae out of the pool?

If you are someone who would prefer the first option then below are the simple Precautionary approaches to stop the accumulation of algae in your pool.

1. Use Your Hand

You can use your bare hands to clean the pool on regular basis. You can either opt for tools for the same or you can simply keep the water clean and make the pool a place that is in-habituated for algae. The swimming pool needs constant cleaning and that is simply possible with bare hands.

2. Filtration

Clean your filtration system once a month to keep the water clean. The installed filtration system cannot prevent algae from re-growing. The filter should be clean from inside every month to prevent the growth of algae. Clean your filter properly and clean your pool once a week. Your small steps would stop the growth of algae.

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, you can take small actions to get algae out of the pool-

  • Use an ultraviolet light sterilizer to break down algae.
  • Build your pool in a place where it is minimal or no sunlight. Algae need sunlight to grow. 
  • Use sanitizing Chlorine tablets that kill the bacteria of Algae in the pool. 
  • Use Algaecide more often to hinder the growth of algae.
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Final Verdict

There are numerous ways to clean your pool and prevent the growth of algae. Using the above methods can help you in preventing algae growth but the best way to prevent the algae from appearing is to check, clean, and maintain your swimming pool from time to time. Filtration of water is necessary because algae grow faster in stagnant water.

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