Best Pool Solar Cover Reel

Best Pool Solar Cover Reels

If you too feel – covering and uncovering a swimming pool is a hectic and time-consuming task, then you should get a pool cover reel. In this article, I’m going to list the best pool solar cover reel that makes the job easy.

It was really very annoying and tough to fold and unfold the solar blankets for me.

If you’re also looking for the best pool solar cover reel for inground pools then, I’m listing and reviewing some top-rated products in different budget.

You can pick the best one according to your budget.

Best Solar Pool Cover Reel

Here are our recommended solar cover reels for inground pools-

1. Solar-Lake Remote-Controlled Solar Cover Reel

Best Pool Solar Cover Reel

It’s tough to cover and uncover an inground pool manually with a solar pool cover. Although you have a cover reel, doing manually is not that convenient.

This automatic solar pool cover reel from Solar-Lake brand works great. Handling the pool cover with this remote-controlled solar cover reel is extremely easy.

It comes with a battery and solar panel. Hence, it can work in the lack of electricity too.

You can control everything with the help of a remote. I recommend this solar cover reel for larger pool size. It makes your pool covering and uncovering job insanely easy.

Solar-Lake RC Pool Cover Reel is my first choice. It would be a great investment for sure.

2. Rocky’s 3A Pool Solar Cover Reel

Best Pool Cover Reel

I’m sure you know the hassle while handling solar blankets manually. It’s freaking tough to bring out from the pool and then store it for the next time.

Rocky’s 3A Solar Cover Reel comes with the complete package. You don’t need to purchase any equipment additionally.

It’s an easy to operate pool cover reel that can be easily handled by a single person. If you’re looking for manual pool solar cover reel then Rocky’s 3A would the perfect choice.

3. VINGLI Pool Cover Reel For Inground Pools

Best Solar Pool Cover Reel

Although there are hundreds of pool cover reels available on Amazon, but picking the best under your budget is tough.

VINGLI Pool Cover Reel is the best option under $150. It’s a handy and durable product. You can spread and pack solar covers for swimming pool easily.

This Pool Solar Cover Reel comes in two sizes- 18 feet and 21 feet width. So, before making a purchase decision, make sure to choose the correct size.

4. NSdirect Manual Pool Cover Reel

Best Manual Solar Blanket Reel

I committed to providing you best out of best products under the budget. NSdirect Solar Blanket Reel comes with all its accessories. You don’t need to buy anything extra.

The package contains a 22.5 feet stainless steel rod and other screw and fastening accessories. The design of this swimming cover reel is very attractive and it looks great over the pool side.

It allows doing all the wrapping and unwrapping by a single person. You can go for this if you need a manual cover reel for your swimming pool.

5. Sun2Solar Stainless Steel Pool Cover Reel

Best Pool Solar Blanket Reel

When it comes to removing the solar cover from the pool, it’s the toughest job to fold and keep it safe for next season. While handling it without a cover reel, many covers tear in-between.

At the last, but not least, Sun2Solar Pool Cover Reel is an excellent choice under $200. This product body and structures are made from tough aluminium and the wrapping rod is made from rust-free stainless steel.

You’ll get all the hardware for installation in-the-box. It’s durable and easy to operate.

The pricing is a bit high as compared to VINGLI Solar Blanket Reel that’s why I placed it down in this list.

Final Words

The pool maintenance is really tough if you do not have all the equipment. You should invest a few bucks on good quality products. It makes your job easy and fast.

I recommend Solar-Lake Remote-Controlled Solar Cover Reel to automate the job. But, in case- you’re on a low budget, Rocky’s 3A and VINGLI Pool Cover Reel are good options.

These are top 5 pool solar cover reel that you should consider while purchasing. Depending on your budget, get the best out-of-above.

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