How to Get Rid Of Pool Worms

How To Get Rid Of Pool Worms

Are you planning to enjoy a refreshing dive in your swimming pool? But, when you entered inside, you saw- your pool is infected with bloodworms.

Pool Worms


…But why are there worms in my pool?

You might be asking this question to yourself.

There is nothing quite as disgusting as jumping into a pool just to feel the slimy body of dead worms glide across your back.

You definitely won’t mind worms in your garden or while fishing, but of course, don’t want to share your swimming pool with them!

Jumping in the pool should be a fun, and joyful experience – not one swarmed with hopping onto a worm or seeing them floating on your pool water.

I know what you’re thinking – How can I get rid of pool worms completely?

Get Rid of Pool Worms

Well, Getting rid of pool worms can be a bit hard to deal with. You may not be able to keep them out of your pool altogether, but with a little bit of hard work, you can reduce and sometimes eradicate them from your pool completely.

Unluckily, there are no simple solutions to worm plague. Still, by simply taking a few safety measures, you can significantly minimize the number of worms in your pool and at times stop them from ever making it into your pool again.

Why you should get rid of worms in the pool?

Although worms may be beneficial, surely they are a little gross to look at. These creatures do serve an essential purpose.

For example, If you love landscaping, you’ll surely want them to be around.

Worms help your plants to grow and look healthy by naturally digging and fertilizing the soil.

If you have no worms in your soil, then you’ll find that you have much more work ahead of you with your landscaping. I assure you that.

But, nobody wants worm in the swimming pool. They spoil the water and the dead bodies can cause some serious health issues too.

Can pool worms be a problem for you?

Worms are harmless, but most pool lovers won’t like to see them. However, you don’t need to worry about worms diving into your pool, as they choose to stay buried chewing away from the soil, minding their job and just busy doing their stuff.

But once it gets a little cooler outside, mostly during heavy rains, the worms tend to come out and have a look around.

You know what it signifies. We all have seen worms wriggling their way across our pavement and driveways.

The wetness and cool air lead them to the surface to take a look around, and if by chance you have been landscaping near your pool, they will frequently make their way underneath the ground to your pool’s deck.

Once they have done that, they usually don’t have a great sense of direction, and they more often fall into your swimming pool.

Once the worms fall in, they are trapped and can’t escape out.

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Worms in Pools

No matter how good worms may be for your soil, they can be a huge nuisance, if you have to try fishing them out of your pool or plough them out of your skimmer.

So what can you do to eliminate them?

Unfortunately, there’s no one for all fix, and you may never be able to eradicate the problem completely. Still, you have certain options.

Let’s look at a few techniques that you can use to keep worms out of your pool once and for all.

1. Cover Your Pool

Using a pool cover can remove a lot of pool water problems. If you use a pool cover, you may be able to keep the worms out of your water, and you would find them on the top of the cover itself.

This trick actually does the job.

A pool cover will prevent those slimy little worms from swarming into your pool and filling up your filter.

Of course, it isn’t that convenient; you’ll have to put it on and take it off regularly so that it may work.

Try to use this method when you expect heavy rains or when its cooler.

2. Inspect Your Pool After a Storm

I understand this isn’t possible at all times. After all, we all have a job. Still, if you can, after the storm has passed, go ahead and check the pool’s deck and pool area for any worms.

Scoop pool worms out as soon as possible after the heavy storm so that you may be able to catch them before they make their way to your swimming pool.

Collect them up and relocate them to the grass, so they can continue their business of, well, being worms.

3. Shift Your Landscaping

Who doesn’t love beautiful landscaping around the pool surface? It really completes your pool in many ways that can’t be duplicated by concrete and decorations.

But, with plants, comes soil. It means that you’ll have worms along with it, there’s is just no way around.

You should check your landscaping, if it’s appealing to worms, they’ll make their way to hang out in the poolside landscaping and will eventually enter your pool.

If possible, move your landscaping at least 24 feet away from your pool area. This may increase the distance and keep the worms away.

4. Raise Up Your Deck

Does the concrete of your pool’s deck meet the landscaping or the grass of your backyard evenly? If yes, you should consider giving your deck a lift, at least a little bit.

If you raise up the deck, the worms may not be able to make it up on to it because it is quite difficult for these worms to pass that small incline.

And, if that happens, you’ll have a worm-free pool.

However, some worms will unavoidably manage to escape, despite the odds, so don’t expect this method to put a stop to it.

But, it’ll undoubtedly lessen the number of worms that reach your pool, and you’ll have fewer to skim out of water.

5. Use Crushed Limestone

It would be best if you try adding some crushed limestone around your pool’s concrete.

Crushed limestone raises the pH level of soil in your pool region, something the worms really don’t like.

Once they come out, they will actually head the reverse direction, thus keeping them away from your pool.

In this way, you can keep the worms out of the pool without killing them. Be cautious; however, during heavy rains, this crushed limestone may get washed into your pool water affecting your pool chemistry.

If you do prefer this method, make sure to get your water tested regularly so as it remains well-balanced.

6. Use Insecticide (Final Solution)

Well, I won’t recommend using an insecticide, but I’ll speak about it only so that you understand that there is another alternative.

If those creepy crawls and worms are trouble, and you’ve tried everything and just fail to understand what else to do, you could always try an insecticide.

Spray it on grassy areas and the landscaping around your pool. This will kill any bugs present in that vicinity.

Now, I would suggest you use this method only if it’s a major issue and you’ve tried all other options, as it will also eradicate the insects that are very useful to your soil and plants.

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Your pool is worm-free!

Remember, pool worms may be slimy and gross, but deep down they won’t actually harm you! It’s just if you jump in and get one gliding down your back.

There is no fixed treatment to keep worms out of your pool. However, there are several options for you to try to eliminate your worm problem once for all.

You can experiment with the different methods above to remove pool worms from your pool, and maybe even try a combination of more than one for best results.

Enjoy Diving!