Raise Pool Alkalinity

How To Raise Alkalinity in a Pool

Do you feel irritation in the eyes while swimming in the pool? Probably it happens due to the high acidic level of the pool.

The acidic swimming pool is not only corrosive for the pool but unsafe for swimming purposes. The high acid level may cause skin irritation and damage the skin. 

Therefore, it is essential to raise pool alkalinity to bring the pH balance. In this blog, I’ll discuss the easiest way to increase the alkalinity. 

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Why Is It Essential to Raise the Alkalinity of the Pool?

Raise Pool Alkalinity

Low alkalinity can harm the pool line, create cracks, and the pool wall becomes etched. Furthermore, a surface that is made of metal can become corrosive. Also, the high acidic level of the pool may stain the walls. 

The alternation in the chemical composition can drop the pH level and make pool water unfit for swimming. The low pH level can further alter the function of chlorine which acts as a pool disinfectant.

Hence, it would become essential to raise the alkalinity level in the pool and restore the pH level to make it suitable for swimming. 

What Are the Reasons for the Low Alkalinity of the Pool?

There are so many reasons for the low alkalinity of the swimming pool, out of which few reasons are given below; 

  • Excessive use of muriatic acid and dry acid can result in a lower alkalinity level. Again, though, the chemicals are helpful to achieve the balance of pH in the swimming pool. But if you use this chemical in excess quantity, it may affect the alkalinity of the pool.
  • Rainwater has an acidic pH of around 5.5 so, if there is heavy rainfall, then there is a rise in the acidic level in the pool. 
  • Adding altered chemicals can also result in the lower alkalinity level of the pH in the pool. 

How to Increase the Alkalinity of Pool?

The easiest way to increase the alkalinity in the swimming pool is the use of baking soda. This will help to restore the pH level and prevent the pool from excessive damage. 

Why Baking Soda?

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is helpful to increase the alkalinity of the pool. It is highly alkaline and helps to neutralize the acidic ions, increasing the pH level and shifting it to a neutral pH level of 7.2-7.4. Another reason for using baking soda is that it is highly affordable and easily available. 

To increase the alkalinity of the pool with the help of baking soda, you need to follow this procedure.

  • The foremost thing you need to do is find out the overall alkalinity level of the swimming pool. You can use the pool testing kit to determine the pool alkalinity.
  • If the alkalinity of the pool is below 80ppm, then it is high time to add baking soda to increase the pH level. 
  • Measure the accurate quantity of the baking soda, which is required to neutralize the pH and increase the alkalinity level. Three-quarters of the baking soda is usually recommended to be added into the pool to raise the alkalinity level in the pool. 
  • Before you add baking, soda does ensure to dilute the chemical. The diluting instruction is given on the container of the bicarbonate chemical. So, read it carefully and dilute the chemical. Dilution helps to mix the chemical properly into the swimming pool
  • Once you dilute the baking soda, add it quickly into the pool water. You can increase the quantity of the baking soda if the pH is highly acidic.
  • Make sure to pour the chemicals especially near the water jet to mix correctly into the water. 
  • Give some time to rest and check the pH after 24 hours using pool test strips. If the pH level is raised, that would be fine. But in case it needs more baking soda, add a few more amounts to adjust the pH level and recheck after some time. 

Bottom Line

Balanced alkaline can improve the longevity of the swimming pool and make the pool fit for swimming. Hence, if the pH level of the pool is acidic, then always use baking soda to neutralize the pH level. Also, check the pH level of the pool timely so that you can quickly restore the balance.