Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaner : 5 Picks

Cleaning a pool all by yourself is very tiring and exhausting! It takes away every ounce of energy in your body! But, if you are planning to clean your pool anytime soon, read this article, and get yourself a robotic pool cleaner.

These upgraded robotic pool cleaners can clean the pool independently, requiring no human effort. And if you haven’t used a robotic pool cleaner yet, it is time to use one! Here in this article, we will tell you about our best five robotic pool cleaners that you can buy!


Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

#1 Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Cleaner | Editor’s Choice

Who does not want to have a robotic pool cleaner that can clean your pool independently without an operator? Cleaning a pool is quite a time-consuming and challenging task! Our top pick is the Nautilus CC Pus Robotic Pool Cleaner from Dolphin.

This model from Dolphin offers the convenience and functionality that you have been looking for so long. This is one such pool cleaner that has been specially designed for in-ground pools, which are 50-ft in length. Again, this model is pretty fast in cleaning; yes, it can clean your pool in less than two hours. And the best thing about this product is that it requires no hoses or pumps. It showcases the incredible performance of dual scrubbers to help you get rid of algae, dirt, and other debris off the pool.

This automatic robotic pool cleaner uses smart navigation for cleaning the walls and floors of your pool and features a cable that won’t tangle while it works. The tangle-free cables ensure that they do not get stuck while working.

Furthermore, it is pretty easy for one to empty the cartridges (two) integrated right at the top of the cleaner. Setting this cleaner is pretty easy.

In addition, it comes with an integrated weekly timer that lets the cleaner start cleaning automatically. It depends on how frequently you want the cleaner to clean your pool, every day, every two days, or weekly.

To ensure proper maintenance, all you have to do is clean it properly, rinse its filters, and remove the chemicals and debris.

Can clean your pool in just two hours.More expensive compared to other robotic cleaners.
It features dual filters. 
It comes with integrated weekly timer 

#2 Dolphin Premier Robotic Cleaner | Best High-End

Best High End
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/19/2023 09:14 pm GMT

Cleaning a pool takes a lot of effort and time. But, what is cleaning when you have a robotic pool cleaner by your side? So, if you intend to save yourself some time, get a hold of this premier robotic pool cleaner from Dolphin.

If you have been longing to get a robotic pool cleaner with some bells and whistles, invest in this product! As you can guess from its appearance, this is quite a high-end pool cleaner suitable for pools at least 50-ft in length. When it comes to cleaning time, it will take less than 3 hours.

Compared to conventional models, this robotic pool cleaner can clean the waterline and the walls, making sure that every tiny section of the pool stays free of algae and dirt. It also features a unique three-filter system capable of collecting all forms of debris.

Another great feature of this robot cleaner is its very powerful dual brushes. These two brushes promote deep and efficient cleaning. It also comes with a smart navigation system that has the mastery in scanning your pool and planning an efficient cleaning route. It also comes with a tangle-free cable that keeps the unit from getting tangled.

You will be surprised to know that this robotic pool cleaner from Dolphin comes with an automatic cleaning timer. Also, it has a panel of LED lights which gives you necessary indications. You also get a remote control, so that you can control it as you like.

This is a superb deal because a three-year warranty backs this product!

Feature its three filters,Pretty costly
Effectively clean waterline and walls. 
Features integrated weekly timer 

#3 Polaris Sport Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner| Techie Pick

If you wish to experience convenience, the Polaris Sport Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner should be the pick.

The most striking feature that this product highly boasts about is its ability to connect to Wi-Fi. But, to control it over Wi-Fi, you would need to download and install the application called iAquaLink.

The moment you download this application and install it on your phone, your mobile phone will act as a remote control for the cleaner. Also, you can customize cleaning schedules according to your needs.

The iAquaLink also notifies you when the container of the cleaner is filled. This is the time when you should clean it. Though, it would be best to clean it after every use.

The shocking thing about this automatic cleaner is that this comes with a 70-ft long cable that allows it to clean even the largest pools. Not done yet, this cleaner features a four-wheel drive that helps with cleaning the floor, walls, and even the waterline.

The water-cleaning system gets the pool of debris by blowing off corners and stairs, allowing it to suck the debris. This cleaner also showcases a storage caddy, and the Easy Lift removal system allows the cleaning robot to move over the walls so that you can grab it easily from the water.

You can even enable Alexa on this cleaner with voice commands if you wish. Yes, it would start cleaning with your one command.

How interesting is that?

Fully Wi-Fi enabledMay show issues with the build quality
Showcases its incredible Easy Life removal system 
Comes with integrated caddy 

#4 Aiper Smart Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner | Value for Money

If you have been in the search for some automatic pool cleaner, you know that these products come with a higher cost factor, are not like the conventional ones.

The more you gravitate towards high-end products, the more you will get to see price inflation. If you are looking for an automatic cleaner at a budget-friendly cost, you can pick this cordless pool cleaner from Aiper.

It is not like the automatic cleaners powered through a cord; this compact automatic cleaner has something different. Yes, this cleaner gets powered by a lithium-ion battery, and when it runs out of power, you can recharge it. The cleaner can perform at full boost for approximately an hour or 55 minutes exactly over a single charge. Cleaning with this takes minimal effort, and all you will be doing is dropping it in your pool, and it will take care of the rest.

When running low on battery, or say the cleaner has finished its job, it will automatically stop near a wall. And then you can pull it off the pool using a hook. Again, it does not take much time for recharging as well, hardly 4 hours.

All in all, it has sufficient power to clean a pool of 15 x 35 ft. easily. However, it is important to note that this model will not be as efficient as high-end models, but it is a great product available at a price like this.

Compact and lightweightWorks on flat surfaces only.
Fast charging and features a cordless design. 
Automatically senses pool walls and stops 

#5 Instapark Betta Robotic Pool Cleaner | Budget Pick

Budget Pick
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/24/2023 10:19 pm GMT

It is time to show you something different. Unlike the cleaners mentioned above, the Instapark Betta is a bit different.

The cleaners mentioned above are designed for cleaning the floor and walls of your pool, but the Betta is made for something else.

You have seen automatic cleaners, and now you should see this automatic skimmer.

This advanced robotic skimmer stays on the water surface to capture debris such as leaves, pollen, dust, etc. These automatic units are entirely solar-powered and do not bring any running costs.

It comes with an underwater motor that lets it move around the pool and collect debris. You have to put it in the pool, and it will do its job on its one! The only thing that you need to keep in check is proper maintenance! Empty any debris collecting basket occasionally! That is all.

This is highly UV-resistant, and the debris basket is huge! When emptying it, just pull the basket off via the handle. It also comes with remote control. However, it may get stuck in corners sometimes.

Feature incredible UV-resistant exteriorOnly available in the United States
Features a wireless remote control 
Solar-powered cleaner. 

Choosing the Right Automatic Cleaner: Buying Guide

If you have a tough time deciding which one to buy, here are a set of key factors that you can consider while buying an automatic cleaner.

Cost Factor

As you are looking at some products, you can see the prices of each product vary, and this is common. These are upgraded appliances, and they have varying prices. If a cleaner has much more functionality and features, you can expect its price to skyrocket. It is important to have a budget when buying things like this.


There are great automatic cleaners on the market. Some cleaners can be activated through voice commands or just a swipe on your phone. Yes, it is possible, even if you plan a routine for cleaning and assign it accordingly to your robot cleaner. These things are possible, and there are automatic cleaners that can do much more than this!

So, the best thing is to consider your pool size and then decide on the features. The more the features, the greater the price.


There are pool cleaners who can sink and get the dirt out, and there are cleaners who can skim the water surface and collect all that debris before they sink. Here, you have to make a choice. Decide which type of cleaner you want!

Once you have figured out these parameters, you are halfway there!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are robotic pool cleaners worth it?

Yes, why not! Robotic pool cleaner are worth purchasing. It would be one of the best decisions that you have taken for your pool. Automatics cleaners can clean your pool in roughly three and half hours, depending on the size of the pool.

It cuts off human effort and saves your valuable time!

How frequently should I use my robotic pool cleaner?

Well, it depends on how often you swim in your pool. If you enjoy swimming in your pool every day, you use the cleaner once a day. Or if you do not swim that much, then once in a week would work just fine.

Can the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner stay in the pool?

Yes, if you are concerned about its safety, you do not need to worry about it. It is perfectly okay to keep your Dolphin cleaner in the pool when not in use.
Again, when adding the necessary chemicals, please remove them and do not put them back in there until the pH and chlorine are balanced.


Now that you have read this pool cleaner review here, I hope you are confident about the cleaner you wish to buy!

We have selected the Dolphin Nautilus as our top pick due to its better capabilities. This does not mean you should not buy any other product.

Honestly, all of the products mentioned in this write-up are great and can help you clean your pool with maximum efficiency! And if you still need time, go through the buying guide! It can help you find the right product according to your needs!

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Good Luck!

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