Summer Waves or Intex Pools

Summer Waves Vs Intex Pool- Which Is Best?

You’ve made a great decision for choosing above ground pool over in-ground pools. Because above the ground pools are cheaper and portable option to enjoy swimming.

But, which one is the best above ground pool between Summer Waves and Intex? That’s why I came up with a comparison post of- Summer Waves Vs Intex Pool.

As you know, above ground pools are cheaper and portable. Along with that, there are many other benefits such as- various designs, speedy installation, easy to clean and maintain, more safety, and a lot more.

But, there are many above ground pools brand popular in the USA and all around the world.

Summer Waves Pools and Intex Pools are one of the most demanded swimming pool brand. Both of them are known for their quality and variety of design along with good post-sale service.

That’s creating confusion for new buyers. They can decide whether he should buy a Summer Waves or Intext Pool?

Summer Waves Or Intex Pool- Which One Is Best?

A straight answer is not possible because both swimming pool brands have built great trust among the users.

The build-quality of Summer Waves and Intex Pools are excellent. That’s why we shall dig it deeper and know which one is the best- Summer Waves Pool or Intex Pool?

1. Summer Waves Above Ground Pools ( Brand Overview)

Summer Waves Pool

Off course, Summer Waves Swimming Pools are a well-known brand for providing good quality and excellent service.

The company gained a good reputation and reviews online. People trust in them for a durable design and wide variety of products.

Summer Waves manufactures Kiddie Pool, Hot Tubs, Inflatable Tubs, Spa, and many other products. There are many positive feedback and reviews available online.

If you’re confused between- Summer Waves or Intex Pool Set then both are an excellent choice. But, some important deciding factors are there to consider between both.

2. Intex Above Ground Pools (Brand Overview)

Intex Pool

Intex is the most popular brand that provides sturdy above ground pools. This brand provides a wide range of swimming products like Spa Tubs, Hot Bath Tubs, Metal Frame Pools, Inflatable Pools, Kidde Pools, etc.

The brand value and popularity of Intex Swimming Pools are high. It provides best quality metal frame above ground pool with good support and service.

Summer Waves Pools Vs Intex Pool Set (Comparison)

Summer Waves Vs Intex Pools

So, it’s really tough competition between Intex vs Summer Waves Pools. Hence, in the next few paragraphs, I’ll compare both for pricing, material quality, durability, post-sale service, and customer support.

1. Build Quality

The build quality of both brands is good. However, when it comes to Kiddie Pools- some products of Summer Waves are great.

At the same time, I would prefer to go for Intex when it comes to Metal Frame Pools.

The strength and sturdiness of Intex Metal Frame Above Ground Pools are excellent. It comes with an anti-rust coating that lasts longer.

In short…

  • I recommend Summer Waves when you’re looking for Kids Pools.
  • If you’re looking for a Metal Frame Pool, I love the build quality of Intex Pools Set and I recommend this to you.

2. Assembly

The Summer Waves above ground pools are really easy to assemble. You can do it yourself. However, Intex Pools are tough to assemble yourself.

You can call Intex technician to assemble your pool for the first time. Once again, I recommend going with Intex Above Ground Pools because they’re durable and made from high-quality metals.

In short…

  • Summer Waves provides excellent inflatable swimming pools that are easy to assemble.
  • Intex provides highly durable metal frame pools that require a technician.

3. Post-sale Service

After sale-service is yet another factor that you must consider before buying a swimming pool.

Both, Summer Waves and Intex provides excellent post-sale service in the USA and other countries.

So, in terms of after-sale service, I would say- it’s Tie.

In short…

  • Check the services of both the brand in your area. Both, companies provide good service across the country.

4. Pricing

When it comes to pricing, then it totally depends upon individual models. Summer Waves Elite is one of the popular above ground pool by Summer Waves.

When I compare it with Intex Round Frame Prism Pool (same size as Summer Waves Elite) then definitely Summer Waves Elite is cheaper.

However, this comparison depends on individual needs. So, you can check it yourself.

In short…

  • I found that- Summer Waves provides various inflatable and metal frame pool at cheaper than Intex. Still, it depends on various factors like- models, size, types, etc.

5. Overall Performance

Believe me or not- but it’s really tough to say one is better and another is not. Because, both provide excellent quality, service, support, and everything. But, in terms of pricing, I would say Summer Waves are good option.

Moreover, if the budget is not an issue and you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting metal frame swimming pool for daily use, I recommend you to go with Intex Pools.

Final Words

So, we are at the end of this Summer Waves Vs Intex Pool comparison. I provided all the details and my viewpoint about both the brands.

If I make a conclusion, then I would say- Summer Waves Inflatable Pools are undoubtedly the best. Else, you can go for Intex Pools if you want a metal frame. You can choose any from the top 5 pools listed here.

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