When To Clean Pool Skimmer Basket?

The word “skimmer basket” is almost familiar to experienced pool owners. But what really is a skimmer basket, and how often should you clean a pool skimmer basket. Skimmer baskets remove large objects and strain the larger contaminants from entering the pump and filter. 

What is a Pool Skimmer Basket?

Pool Skimmer Basket

The skimmer basket works similarly to the handheld leaf skimmer to remove leaves and debris from entering your pump and filter valve. The water level should cover half of the skimmer basket from the bottom.

Pool skimmers are two types: one is used to remove leaves and debris from the pool by attaching it to a telescopic pole—the other acts as an entryway to the pump and filter.

How the Skimmer Basket Functions

Pool skimmers serve as a doorway to your pool’s filtration system and start the circulation of the water. The skimmers are sucked dry by your pool pump. It also enables the filter to complete its function of removing tiny impurities, resulting in cleaner water returning to your pool. When the baskets are full of dead bugs, they can be cleaned effectively.

The skimmer also aids in the maintenance of your pump and filter by ensuring that the water that travels through them is free of contaminants. 

Advantages of Skimmer Basket

  1. A skimmer basket helps in maintaining the clean water surface
  2. A place to add chlorine tablets
  3. Pool Vacuuming

Maintaining a Clean Water Surface

If more people swim in the pool, it accumulates more contaminants in the water. Leaves may also fall into pool which will be captured in skimmer bucket reducing number of leaves that have to be vacuumed.

A Place to Add Chlorine Tablets

A skimmer basket is also used for adding chlorine tablets to the swimming pool. The chlorine tablets will dissolve when the skimmer lid allows the water to flow. The chlorinated water will clean your pool, making the water clear. Instead of adding the chlorine tablets to the water, it is better to install a chlorinator, which is an efficient way of adding chlorine to the swimming pool

Pool Vacuuming

You can vacuum the pool manually or through a robotic pool cleaner. Manual vacuuming will help regulate your pool circulation system. Once you have assembled your vacuum, you can insert the vacuum cleaner hose into the skimmer’s suction hole or use a skimmer vacuum plate to pump water through the pool’s filtration system. The vacuuming process results in producing clean and clearer water.

Why is it Necessary to Clean the Pool Skimmer Basket?

Regularly cleaning the skimmer basket and pool basket is necessary for the overall maintenance of the swimming pools. Clogged baskets will decrease the pump efficiency, resulting in a decrease in the pump’s lifespan.

When debris-filled baskets impede water flow, you cannot attain the proper turnover rate in properly filtering your pool water. The water in your pool must be filtered to remain clean and clear. If the skimmer baskets and pumps baskets are filled with trash, the pulling, pumping of the water, and filtration will not be done effectively. 

When Should You Clean Your Pool Skimmer Basket

The pump and skimmer baskets should be cleaned with the predefined directions at least once a week. The basket will collect the debris present in the swimming pool. The more it stays in the pool, the more likely it will break apart and rot, resulting in tiny, disgusting particles floating around in the water.

Moreover, it will sink to the bottom resulting in water stains and other problems. As a result, it’s crucial to keep all the debris out of the pool.

If your pool is surrounded by trees or a garden, then you should clean it every couple of days. High wind events, such as rain or storm accumulate large amounts of debris. It is ideal to cleaning up as soon as the weather supports.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Pool Skimmer basket

Your filter will perform more efficiently, become less blocked, and require less cleaning. Foreign objects and anything that could damage your pool pump are also stopped and prevented by the skimmer.

Suppose you keep the skimmers clear of debris for optimum filtration and pumping efficiency. In that case, the swimming pool filtration system will have much more suction and less suffocation, leading to improved performance and a cleaner pool.

How to Reduce Skimmer Cleaning

If you want to keep your skimmer from accumulating a lot of material and requiring as much pool maintenance as possible, here are some methods for extending the time between cleaning out your skimmer basket.

Bring a net skimmer with you when you go swimming. Remove leaves, bugs, grass, and other unpleasant objects from the swimming pool while in the water. 

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Maintain a safe distance between your pool and trees, tall grasses, and other natural growing habitats. 

Ensure that you enter the pool using a clean path.

Suppose you have an indoor pool or a primarily concrete environment surrounding your swimming pool outdoors. In that case, your skimmer will generally require very little maintenance than one surrounded by a more natural environment.

How to Secure a Cleaned Skimmer Basket?

Skimmer baskets always float at the top of the water flow. Once you have finished cleaning the skimmer basket, it should be secured by placing it in its position. If the basket is floating while the pump is running, debris will be able to pass through it and into your second skimmer basket or the pump and filter directly.

Once the basket is in the skimmer, spin it to lock it. Simply spin it around the other way to get rid of the basket. If you don’t have a mechanism to secure your basket and skimmer, then it will float. To keep it in place, you can lay a large rock at the bottom of the skimmer.

You can also buy and install a skimmer pool weight from your local pool store. 

When To Clean Pool Skimmer Basket?

Skimmer Low Suction

Your skimmer basket may overflow at some point, reducing the pump’s suction. 

If this happens, clean your basket and clear the passage to the pump as soon as possible. If your pool pumps have a basket, now is an excellent opportunity to clean them. Your filter is clogged if your suction hasn’t improved after you’ve cleaned out your skimmer basket.

Backwashing is necessary in the case of the sand filter when the PSI reading is above 10. After cleaning or replacing the cartridge filters, your suction should function normally.

How Pool Skimmer Lines are blocked

Reasons for getting your skimming lines blocked

Pool Pump May be Loaded With the Pressure

If your pump is surging or pulsing, it could be due to a clogged pipe. But first, make sure there isn’t an air leakage.

Make sure your pump lid’s o-ring is in good shape. Then look inside your pump to determine whether the impeller is clogged

Water Flow Will be Low if the Skimmer Basket is Empty

If water is slowly entering your pool pump, ensure the skimmer door isn’t jammed. Also, check that the water level in your pool is halfway up the skimmer. You might have a clog in your skimmer line if the skimmer door is working fine and the water level is good

If one of your lines has low pressure or your pump lacks suction, it might be clogged with dirt or an air pocket. Be sure to leave one skimmer line open when running these lines. Never try to run the pump if all the valves are closed.

Bottom Line

In this article, brief information on how to clean skimmer baskets is well described. 

Following the information mentioned in the article and cleaning the pump baskets will effectively increase the efficiency.

A pool owner can enjoy sparkling water with the help of a skimmer basket, as the main function is to purify the water and improve the pool maintenance.

Final word to say, Happy Swimming!